Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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The Shark Park Inflatable

By Richard Allen

The Shark Park Ultra Play Park Inflatable or, simply, Shark Park, is a wonderful water slide and bounce house combination inflatable that will create exciting memories for every summer break for the foreseeable future.

The Shark Park’s main, most noticeable feature is the 8’ slide running up one side of the structure. Climbing to the top of the slide will lead any Shark Park users right into the head and mouth of a shark! The shark’s 5 pointy teeth are completely safe, made of the same materials as the rest of the Shark Park structure; still, the only way to go from here is down a steep, safe slide. At the foot of the slide sits a 9.5’ x 8.25’ pool, with a red floor to match the red color of the slide and the bounce house’s floor. All the material that makes up the bounce house has been stitched multiple times and is guaranteed to be waterproof, preventing any possible mold or mildew damage from the pool. For the safety of all pool users, allow no more than one child on the slide at any given time; 4 children may occupy the pool at once.

The Shark Park also contains a 4.25’ x 7.25’ x 6.25’ bounce house, made of strong vinyl materials and stitchings, that can hold up to 3 jumpers at once, none more than 100 pounds. The bounce house has two different means of accession- it can be entered through a breakaway Velcro entrance, or can be crawled into by way of a tunnel underneath the slide. Because of the way the walls are designed, with Velcro and tight stitching, the bounce house can also be converted into a ball pit, creating 4 distinct, different play areas for summer playtime.

One of the most incredible things about a bounce house or similar inflatable device is how much imagination it brings out in a child. The Shark Park is perfect for this. Children can pretend they’re on the beach in the pool, turn the bounce house into a secret hideout by crawling covertly through the hidden entry, or can imagine themselves crawling and sliding to safety from the belly of a hungry shark. Possibilities are endless, and excitement is guaranteed with a Shark Park Ultra Play Park Inflatable.

Additional pricing and shipping information about the Shark Park can be found right here.
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