Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Misty Kingdom Amusement Park

By Richard Allen

Sometimes, the grand scale of an object speaks for itself, telling you that this is a product that is immediately worth your time and consideration for purchase. In the wide world of bounce houses and inflatable combination packages, the Misty Kingdom Amusement Park reigns supreme! Take a look:

The Misty Kingdom Amusement Park is a combination bounce house that has no less than five different play areas and devices for children to wile away the spring, summer, and fall days. The big, noticeable feature of the Misty Kingdom amusement park is the bounce house, 7’ x 7’, outfitted with the majority of the castle/kingdom theme of the park. Next to the bounce house sits an inflated slide, connected directly to the bounce house: the two inflatables share the same middle wall. Children can climb up the side of the slide, inside of the bounce house, and slide downward. At the bottom of the slide and the entrance to the bounce house are two identical, small pools that can have multiple uses. They can either be filled up with plastic balls and function as ball pits, or they can be filled with water and be converted into miniature pools. In addition, the slide itself is fitted with water sprayers: simply hook a hose up to the device and you can turn the regular inflatable slide into a full-blown water slide! In total, this is 5 different activities in the safe inflatable device: bouncy castle, slide, water slide, wading pool, and ball pit! It is a truly amazing deal that you won’t find just anywhere.

The Misty Kingdom Amusement Park has been quadruple-stitched, guaranteeing a strong combination inflatable that is very hard to break or tear. For additional safety, however, 5 people, each no greater than 100 pounds, can safely enter and play around Misty Kingdom. Any more, and there is a risk the Misty Kingdom could buckle under the weight. Pricing and shipping information can be found here.
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