Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Are There Bounce Houses Safe For Adults?

By Richard Allen

Bounce houses are typically aimed and marketed at children. Rare is the occasion where you see a commercial, or, for that matter, in real life, where you can see grown men and women jump around inside of a bounce house. In truth, there has not been a bounce house yet invented that can continually support the weight of an adult, and there seem to be many common reasons why not: a bounce house canít support an adultís weight, adults are too fragile to start jumping around, bouncy houses are for children, etc.

The key to building a strong bounce house that can support the most weight is the amount of stitching each inflatable structure went through when being built. The more stitching, the greater the weight a structure can hold. Typically, most common bounce houses used by children have been double-stitched, which is bounce house standard. Commercial bounce houses, water slides, and obstacle courses are all at least triple- (if not quadruple-) stitched due to the complexity of their design and the need to support more people. Because of the way they are constructed, residential bounce houses could never support an adultís weight. They are commonly designed to support weight no greater than 100 pounds, and most adults could not fit inside a residential bounce house, even if they wanted to. Commerical bounce houses, while built with stronger materials, still can only hold individuals weighing 150 pounds on average. This might be enough to hold a teenager or young adult, but is still a risky bet.

If there were to be any inflatable device that could hold an adultís weight, it would be the inflatable obstacle course. Obstacle courses, depending on their size, can hold anywhere from 400 to over 1000 pounds of weight, which would definitely support an adultís weight. At the same time, however, obstacle courses are not the same thing as bounce houses. Until the industry finds an even stronger material for building bouncy, inflatable devices, an adultís best bet for having a fun time leaping and bounding would be a trampoline, not a bounce house. Anyone teenaged or younger, however, remain prime candidates for bounce house entertainment.
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