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Baseball Toss & Knock Down Inflatable

By Richard Allen

The Baseball Toss & Knock Down Inflatable is an inflatable carnival game that can test your skill and expertise with throwing baseballs. It can be used for both competitive and leisurely entertainment, and is a great way to have fun at the next fair or other large-scale event.

The Baseball Toss & Knock Down Inflatable, upon full inflation, is 20’ wide, 15’ long, and 13’ tall. When the inflation is complete, there will be two separate booths for gaming. The left booth is a skill pitching game. There are several holes in the back wall of the booth, each the size of a baseball. The goal is to pitch your baseballs through the holes marked “single” or “Home Run”, and to avoid the holes marked “OUT” or missing the holes entirely. The right booth contains a knock-down game. Four silly heads are positioned at the back of the structure; if the blower is inflating properly, a steady stream of air should be shooting out of the top of their heads. In each stream, there is a small ball, floating in the air. Your goal is to knock each ball out from each air jet.

Both booths of the Baseball Inflatable have safety nets running across the floor to catch any baseballs thrown at the games, whether or not they made or missed each target. Safety precautions state that you should not enter and stand upon the safety nets, as they may break under anyone’s size.

Each Baseball Toss & Knock Down Inflatable comes with its own commercial blower for easy inflation, long ground stakes to keep the inflatable in place, and a Tear-Aid Patch Kit, with glue to easily fix your inflatable product in case of an emergency, such as a tearing or rip in the fabric.
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