Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Bigger is Better

The size of a Bounce House DOES matter when choosing a bounce house for purchase or rent. The larger your bounce house is, the more area your kids have to bounce and have fun. It also makes it safer for your children because it reduces the risk of bumping into each other and falling down. Buying a bigger bounce house will cause injuries to be almost nonexistent. Be careful though and follow our safety guide for safe use of the bounce house. One of the most popular features is the larger size of the Bounce Area.

When you host a party, having a bigger bounce house is especially more useful because more children can fit into the bounce house, thus reducing the number of kids running around and being rowdy. Your child can be with all of his/her friends instead of playing with a few at a time. This is an excellent way to begin new friendships as it is easier for kids to open up when they are having tons of fun! You won't be constantly running around trying to keep the guests entertained.

It makes perfect sense to buy a bigger bounce house. After all, the bigger a bounce house is, the more room you have to bounce! It is perfect for when your children start getting older and buying a big bounce house will provide them with fun through the ages. There are many varieties of bounce house, coming in all shapes and sizes. However, a bigger bounce house is always better. It provides more space and security than smaller bounce houses which in turn, is more fun for your kids and you.

The gigantic bounce house will be like a second home to your kids and you'll be begging them to come inside their own house. At, we do know that bigger is indeed better! offers three Bounce Houses that feature some of the Largest Bounce Areas: Quantum Leap bounce house, Superstar Moonwalk bounce house and HOOPS & HOPS 5 bounce house.

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