Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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The Biggest Bounce Houses!

By Richard Allen

Bounce houses are built and designed in a wide variety of sizes and shapes; almost any size and shape can be accounted for. Many are curious as to what the maximum size a bounce house can be without breaking or falling apart.

Generally, bounce houses are, on average, built 13 feet tall and 13 feet wide. Only commercial bounce houses are ever built this large: residential bounce houses, built for a low number of small children, have no fiscal or logical reason to be more than 10-12 feet wide or tall. There is nothing fragile about the vinyl fabric and the industrial thread used to construct these large jump houses. As a result of multiple stitch jobs and frequent testing during construction, these large houses are among the greatest bounce houses for sale, as they’ve been put through the highest quality assurance procedures. 13’ x 13’ bounce houses, like the Space Shuttle Bounce, use their sleek design and elaborate theme to entertain all children; they can handle a handful of children and will not easily break, despite their size.

However, on occasion, the bounce houses can be built as large as 15 feet tall and 15 feet wide. Larger designed bounce houses, such as the Superstar Commercial 15 Foot Moonwalk, are designed for simultaneous use by as many as 7 kids at a time, and are stitched and built with the finest, strongest materials to bend, but not break. However, any house built larger than this runs the risk of the fabric in its vinyl walls being stretched too far and thin, and can lead to a less safe, easily torn bounce house that no one is happy with. A 15’ x 15’ bounce house should have more than enough room to accommodate your party, and is guaranteed to be a safe time.

The exceptions to the 15’ x 15’ general limit are combo bouncers. Combo bouncers can extend past 15 feet in any direction due to the multiple stitching they undergo during their construction. A combo bouncer needs to handle many more children doing several different activities than a standard bounce house, so it must be stronger. As a result of being stronger through the multiple stitching, the combo bouncers can safely extend past the 15 foot guidelines, as they are less likely to strain the tough stitching job. This can be seen in bounce houses such as the Wild West Compact Inflatable Combo Jumper, which measures to be 15’ x 18’, while reaching 14 feet high. When it comes to commercial bounce houses, however, the standard “cube” design can really only be supported by a 15’ x 15’ shape.
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