At the end of the day, when the sun is setting, and the party’s nearly over, it’s unfortunately time to take down your bounce house until tomorrow. However, while nobody might want to see it happen, taking down your bounce house is an incredibly simple process that anyone is capable of. Each bounce house comes with its own oversized storage bag for holding the device during non-usage. Anyone has the ability to learn how to store their bounce house with total ease. In addition, the bounce house storage bag is designed to allow for many different usages beyond keeping all your bounce house paraphernalia in one location.

Every bounce house can fit inside of the storage bag that accompanies it during shipment. The bag has to be large enough to fit the bounce house, with room to spare for the blower and the stakes that tether the device to the ground. The storage bag is referred to as “oversized” because it needs to be capable of holding your deflated bounce house, the blower that powers it, the stakes that hold the bounce house to the ground, and any other bounce house accessory that you may have purchased. Bounce house operators and owners roll up the deflated bounce house into a compact cylinder-shaped piece of fabric, and then place it inside of the storage bag. Once inside, the other accessories can be safely placed next to the device, often times with room to spare. Although the bag is referred to as “over-sized”, it still remains small enough to be stored in both a garage, a separate closet, your car, or any other location with a solid roof over its head to prevent inclement weather from touching the device when it is non-active.

The storage bag also makes it incredibly easy to take the bounce house to new and different locations whenever you want. Because of the compacted method of storage, the device can be easily placed inside of your car or desired method of transport and taken to parties and events across the country (or, more likely, down the street). The storage bag is designed to have two handles on the top of the device, and because the deflated bounce house, the blower, the stakes, and the bag itself are so lightweight, the stored set-up can be lifted and carried around by anyone capable of doing so, including children and senior citizens. Responsible children can even bring the bounce house over to a friend’s house or party for the day, provided that parents or guardians will be present to help with set-up and to monitor the behavior in the bouncing area.

There are some products and entertainment devices out there that feel like they require a separate instructional manual just to take the thing apart. Luckily for you, the bounce house and its storage bag is not one of them. There’s a reason bounce houses are so popular for family and party entertainment: the devices are so user-friendly, and have the massive demand and appeal to back up the ease of setting the device up. Start considering a bounce house as a present for an upcoming holiday, or as the centerpiece for the gigantic party that you’re in the process of planning and holding, if you haven’t already done so.