Bounce House Repair

A bounce house, also known as moonwalks, is a lot of fun for kids but it will wear and tear over time regardless of how carefully you take care of the jumper. Inflatable bounce houses are made out of either PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or “vinyl and nylon”, and they stay inflated by electric-powered blower. Electrical blower is constantly blowing air into the inflatable bouncer, and air escapes through porous, small punctures and seams along the stitchings. You may hear whistles when air escapes out of the inflatable, but don’t be scared… this is normal. As long as the bounce house stays inflated with constantly blowing air from the blower, your inflatable is operating normal without a tear. Those inflatable bounce houses are designed to loose some air, otherwise the jumper may pop when kids jump on it.

Tear Aid Patch Kit Tear Aid Patch Roll

How to repair a tear or puncture in a bounce house?

A traditional way to repair a bounce house is somewhat tedious and time consuming, but with innovative repair patches developed in recent years make bounce house repair a breeze. Tear-Aid Patch Kit (above left) or Patch Roll (above right) are a clear adhesive materials that can be easily applied to tears of any type of inflatable bouncers. It’s very strong, waterproof, and semi-permanent repair solution that will last a long time.

How to apply patch kit

Unlike the picture shown, to keep the tear-aid patch stick to the surface semi-permanently you’ll have to round the edges before applying to the puncture. Rounded edges prevent the patch from peel off from the surface. Tear Aid patches are easily cut with scissors, and when applied it holds air under pressure and won’t pull off when stretched. Tear aid patch kit is clear, so it will work with all colors and UV resistance inhibits discoloring. It also conforms to irregular surfaces, and won’t turn gummy in heat.

You may opt to use a professional repair company to repair a tear, but it will be costly if you can’t find a local company as cost of two-way shipping for over 70 lbs (residential) or 200 lbs (commercial) bounce house will not be cheap. Even if you find a local repair company, it will be an hassle to transport a heavy bounce house between your home and a repair company.

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