birthday bounce houseBounce houses, jump houses and moonwalks can be an absolutely wonderful time for children and adults alike. When you’re searching for the right bounce house for the upcoming seasons, you will find that a common theme for bounce houses, both residential and commercial, is a birthday theme. This is not by accident or coincidence. Birthday and party themed bounce houses are among the most popular, cherished inflatables for summer fun.

Basically, if you’re specifically searching for a birthday-themed bounce house, it won’t be hard to find. Every single birthday-themed bounce house will have the word “birthday” somewhere in the name of the product. Each birthday themed bounce house is also immediately recognizable, as the majority of them take the shape of a giant birthday cake when fully inflated. This can be seen in bounce houses like the 13ft x 13ft Inflatable Birthday Cake Jumper, among others.

Birthday-themed bounce houses remain a popular, highly-demanded bounce house year in, year out primarily because of their fantastic designs and what they mean for their users and guests. Usually, when parties involving a bounce house are held, they are typically birthday parties, surprise parties, or parties held in the local park. The giant, bouncy birthday cake represents the wonderful time one has at a party, and noticeably sticks out in one’s memory when looking back at the day’s events. Owners of bounce houses will likely want to recreate those memories as often as possible, throwing parties with their giant party-themed bouncer.

Not only does the giant birthday cake-shaped bouncer represent good memories for the party planners, it also can greatly appeal to children and younger bouncers. A highlight of any party for children is celebrating the event with a large piece of cake to eat. Since kids love cake, a giant cake made specifically for bouncing around inside and having great fun will also give major appeal. Cakes and parties are universally loved and cherished, and show a seemingly undying popularity as a bounce house theme. Definitely consider the birthday-themed bouncers and inflatables in your search for the perfect bounce house this summer.