Bounce houses, moonwalks, and other inflatable devices are easily accessible to all ages, and become more popular each day. New owners of a bounce house or inflatable device will always have many questions, but a common concern is whether or not there is a specified dress code for the bounce house. Allowing certain clothes to be worn or not worn while the inflatable device is in use is a responsibility that many bounce house owners share, and will need an answer.

Because using a bounce house can be a very physical activity, the best type of clothing to wear while in the bouncing area is comfortable, casual clothes. This typically entails loose-fitting t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, or other such attire. Depending on the temperature and possible weather conditions, it may be more appropriate to wear jeans or long pants as opposed to shorts when bouncing. It does not matter if bounce house users wear socks while bouncing, or decide to go barefoot. Neither option endangers the structural integrity of the jump house, so it really depends on user preference (or whether or not they brought socks with them). Depending on the inflatable device, bathing suits may be appropriate for bouncing, like in combo bouncers or water slides. As long as the user’s clothing feels comfortable, there should be no immediate problem. User comfort and satisfaction is a must.

You won’t find a finalized or clearly specified guide in your owner’s manual or on the internet concerning the dress code of a bounce house. However, there are some types of clothes that are generally considered inappropriate to wear while bouncing. Formal attire such as tuxedos, suits, and dresses may not be the best idea to wear while bouncing. As you bounce around in the structure, you may end up landing on your knees or back, as opposed to your feet. Safe wipeouts such as these may end up accidentally tearing a hole in your fine clothes, which is a scenario that no one wants to see. his might pose a problem at more formal gatherings such as graduation parties, so it may be useful to bring an extra pair of more casual clothes for the games and physical activities.

Now, despite the generally casual, relaxed standards for bounce houses, there are still some general rules of bouncing that must be followed in order to preserve overall safety and sanitation. Shoes should not be worn while jumping and bouncing, regardless of the clothes you wore when you began. The potentially sharp materials in the shoes, varying in style and purpose, might accidentally puncture the floor or walls of the inflatable device. Make sure you leave them at the entrance. It is also commonly accepted to wear both a shirt and pants when bouncing. This can avoid accidental injury to your body while bouncing with others. In addition, any kind of clothing that has some sharp point to it, such as special jewelry sewn into its fabric, or some other unique design, also runs the risk of tearing into the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) of the bounce house, and should be changed out of before bouncing.