The bouncing fun that bouncy house provides for kids is non-stop fun. Cardiovascular exercise and other keep fit activities are part of the benefits that kids enjoy when they have access to bouncy house. So, it’s not all about fun and entertainment, bouncy house provides health and creative benefits for your kids – it’s simply more than fun!

Whether you are organizing a kid’s birthday party, or need something that would keep your kids busy and active at the same time, a bouncy house is a great entertainment tool for kids. Your kid’s guests (fellow kids) will be in the inflated house for hours, having fun, and burning off unwanted calories!

Now, to provide maximum enjoyment and healthy activities for the kids with bouncy house at all times, there are top safety and maintenance tips you need to administer. An inflatable play center should be completely safe for the kids, and always kept in top shape. The manufacturers of bouncy house include detailed instructions in the manual to help in the setting up and maintenance of the unit, and also safety tips while the kids use the unit.

Helpful tips for Maintenance/Setup

When you have purchased the ideal bouncy house for kids, there are some important tips you need to pay attention to. First thing first – ensure that the location for the unit is spacious, flat and free of debris. For the bouncy house’s bottom protection, it is a great idea to place down a tarp under the unit. Also, it is important to weight down or stake down the inflatable bouncy house with ground weights or sand bags.

When you inflate the bouncy house, look out for any likely holes or rips on the unit, and check if there is sagging at any point of the unit. The blower must also work perfectly, and it is necessary to have it cleaned occasionally.

Kids Safety Tips

For the safety of the kids while using bouncy house, don’t allow the kids to play in the bounce house if the wind goes beyond 15 mph, or if the rain is falling. For a bouncy house party involving other kids, it is advisable to ensure that all participating kids are virtually the same weight and size, and that their ages are above 3 –years. Also, do not go beyond the maximum ride capacity of the unit. Close supervision of the kids is also necessary when they are in the bouncy house.

One of the safety measures for kids while playing in the bouncy house is that they should not have shoes, glasses or jewelry on. Also, check their pockets for sharp objects that may likely puncture the inflatable unit.

Sanitation Tips for the Bouncy House

Bouncy house should be cleaned and sanitized – the inside of the inflatable unit should be vacuumed using mild soap or quality cleaning formula and soft brush. At purchase, it is recommended that you inquire regarding the ideal cleaning formula that can be used on the printed surfaces of the bouncy house. Proper cleaning of the unit will help discourage bacteria breeding on the unit’s surface.