Bounce houses allow for people of all ages and sizes to jump and leap around in their bouncing area, but not all objects or devices. There are a wide variety of objects or clothing that could potentially harm a bounce house if brought inside the main bouncing area, such as shoes or any toy with a sharp edge. However, there are still some objects that people may want to bring into bounce houses, but aren’t sure if they could cause the bounce houses harm. The most common “questionable” accessories include hats and jewelry. As a result, clarification is required.

Hats can be stylish, comfortable, or silly, depending on the style of hat and the time and place you wear it in. A common question posed to bounce house companies and web sites is: is it safe to wear hats inside of a bounce house? Unfortunately, there is no one answer. It all depends on the style of hat you wear. Common hats such as baseball caps should be fine, and pose no serious problem. However, make sure that there are no metal objects attached to, or a physical part of, your hat when you enter the device. Not only can they come into contact with the walls or floor when bouncing around the area, but they can also potentially fall off your head due to the constant movement you’re doing inside the device. Either way, it puts the safety of your bounce house at risk. Clear your hat of any pins or other accessories before entering the bounce house. Do anything you can to avoid bringing metal objects inside a bounce house area, and you should be fine. Honestly, your hat stands a far greater risk of being knocked off your head when bouncing than it does puncturing the walls or floor of your bounce house.

Other accessories that people may want to bring inside of the bounce house include jewelry or other such accessories, like bracelets, armbands, or piercings. These all contain some kind of hard or sharp edge, and as a result, pose a serious threat to the safety of your bounce house. Don’t wear these inside the bouncing area. The problem is, these are far harder to keep out of a bounce house than any other piece. Sometimes, people don’t pay these objects a second thought while wearing them. They may end up forgetting that they even have them in their possession. They could end up falling off your body while bouncing; you could even end up losing a ring or earring inside of the bouncing zone, in one of the folds of the fabric. Remember to inspect all areas you normally wear jewelry upon before entering. It doesn’t hurt to have a friend look you over to double check for jewelry before giving you the go-ahead.