Renting a bounce house can be a great source of entertainment for a large amount of people present at one event. Renting can possibly save you money if you’re only planning on using the inflatable device, or devices, for one day. However, just because you’ve rented a bounce house doesn’t mean that it is impervious to damage. All standard bounce house rules must be followed when using your rented bounce house, regardless of the size or the quantity of inflatable devices. If something happens to damage the bounce, there are several steps you, as a bounce house rental customer, should take to handle the situation calmly and quickly.

1. Assess the damage. Check to see how many holes, rips, or tears have been formed, if any at all. If you cannot find a tear in the fabric, there may be a problem with your bounce house blower. The generator of the device may have accidentally shorted out. Don’t forget to check the circuit breaker of your set-up location to see if a power malfunction could have sabotaged the outlet source. Your bounce house was likely sent along with a bounce house rental crew, trained and hired to operate the bounce houses at your gathering. They can assist you in the search for the defects in the inflatable device and can assess the severity of the accident.

2. Contact the bounce house supplier. The rental crew has been informed and trained to do the same when any sort of accident or malfunction occurs. However, if you additionally contact the company that you rented the bounce, this will show an additional sense of responsibility to the company you’ve rented from. Your crew at the site will confirm your situation, and what the extent of the damage is.

3. Attempt a repair with rental crew supervision. Your bounce house crew will have significant experience with repairing defective bounce houses over the years. To fix a tear in the fabric, they will likely use a Tear-Aid Patch over the tearing. For blower repair, they will likely have to replace the blower outright. If they require your help, they will ask for it, but do not attempt to interfere without their consent or approval. If the crew cannot immediately repair the damage, take their word for it and contact the supplier.

One of the most critical steps you should take when searching for a bounce house company to rent from is to make sure that the company is insured against damage. With insurance coverage, bounce house companies may be able to pay for the repair of the bouncer. Depending if the situation was an accident or the result of nature, you may incur limited fees or perhaps no additional fees at all as a result. However, if the company is fraudulent, or perhaps new to the scene (and lacking experience), and does not have insurance, you could end up having to pay for the repair and the full purchase of the bounce house, regardless of the situation. This step is critical to your initial search. Although, it should be known that the best bounce house companies will tell you upfront whether or not they are insured, sometimes without even being asked.