There are so many different uses you can get out of your bounce house. The devices are commonly designed to hold multiple users at the same time, so that you can celebrate and have some recreational fun with friends and family whenever you feel like doing so. These celebrations can take place anywhere and anytime, so long as the weather permits it. The types of celebrations and events you can plan using a bounce house as the centerpiece are wide and varied, and can include festivals, holidays, anniversaries, or just plain good weather at the start of spring, to name a few. However, the most popular usage for bounce houses seems far and away to be birthday parties and celebrations.

The amount of bounce houses that have a birthday theme or shape is remarkable, to say the least. These inflatable devices, shaped like square pieces of cake, with inflatable candles sticking up out of the roof of the device, never fail to attract large crowds. Your party guests will never get lost looking for your party location when they’re looking for a giant inflatable landmark set up in the yard, and curious neighbors and passerby will be attracted to the birthday cake spectacle, wanting to know what exactly is going on, and if they’re invited!

Each birthday cake-shaped inflatable bouncer is shaped in a perfect square or circle, with an even and symmetrical amount of space for users to bounce and leap around in. You’ll also notice that each of the bounce houses shaped like a birthday cake have larger dimensions than the average bounce house. This is because party-themed inflatables need to have enough space to entertain an entire party, the size of which may vary from event to event. The larger the party bouncer, the less problems you will have during your next celebration.

Thanks to the large size and incredible drawing power that these bounce houses have, you could end up planning the entire birthday party around the inflatable bouncer, creating an instantly memorable experience for all, especially the one who turns a year older that day. Your guests could arrive at the set-up location and start to jump upon arrival, taking breaks for present unwrapping, meals, and general socialization. However, make sure that your guests know all the rules and safety measures that are in place for all moonwalks and bouncers before allowing the bouncy celebration to commence. Guests should remove their shoes before entering the inflatable device in order to prevent accidentally puncturing the floor of the bounce house with the materials in their shoes. Any presents that have been brought for the guest of honor should not be taken into the device for the same reasons: any sharp-edged object poses a risk to the safety of bounce houses and bounce house users alike. Also, do not take any food or drink you’ll have set up at the birthday party, such as cake or punch, into the main bouncing zone. The chances of your guests dropping the food on unsafe footing are practically inevitable. As a result, spilled food must be cleaned immediately to avoid staining the materials. This will delay the festivities and put a damper on the flow of the party, and no one wants that. Just maintain some common sense when inflating and using your bounce house, and the party will continue without a hitch. Happy birthday, or whatever upcoming event you will soon be celebrating!