It might be surprising to some potential owners of inflatable devices how easy it is to store a bounce house or jump house. Considering their wide variety of sizes and designs, the idea that they can fit inside of a garage, or inside your house, can initially be hard to believe! Don’t be surprised: storing your bounce house after use requires no magic or superstition. The storage process is a relatively easy one, and one that can be achieved by any owner, for any jump house.

When playtime is finished for the day, and all the children have safely exited the bounce house, then deflation and storage of the bounce house can safely begin. Unplug the blower and roll up the cord. As you are putting the cord back into its proper place, the bounce house will begin to slowly deflate. When deflation is complete, flatten the entire structure to remove as much air as possible from within the vinyl walls. Once the structure has been flattened, roll up the now completely deflated bounce house, or grab help from a friend and fold it in half until it is a reasonably small size.

Each bounce house comes with its own personal storage bag to keep the deflated inflatable in when not in use. Each bag is specifically labeled as “oversized”, and is designed to safely hold the entire bounce house, with room to spare. The extra room can accommodate either a rolled-up or folded bounce house. Neither style is more preferable than the other, but it would be wise to choose one of the two, rather than just shoving the deflated bouncer into the bottom of the bag. The extra space also allows for additional equipment and bounce house accessories to be safely stored, such as the blower. The oversized bag can also fit the neoprene balls that come with specific residential and commercial bounce houses with an additional game theme.

When the oversized bag has been filled with the deflated bounce house, make sure you store the bag in a completely enclosed area. You want to make sure the bounce house will be protected from the elements. A garage will be an ideal storage space for your bounce house. If your house has no garage, or have a lack of storage space available in your garage, the bounce house bag can safely fit inside of a storage closet, if need be. Properly storing the bounce house in its oversized bag and keeping it protected from rainfall (among other harsh natural elements) will prolong the lifespan of the bounce house. The effort you put into it now will pay off in the future.