To maintain the cleanliness of your bounce house is very important to make sure that your kids can play healthy in a clean environment. Bounce houses can be the house of the bacteria also, so whether you are renting or own your bounce house make sure that it is cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning your bounce house may sound like a chore. Don’t just depend on the company to clean it if you’re renting one. Every owner’s manual has some easy and good information about this so you can actually read carefully and do the cleaning well.

One of the best method for cleaning your bounce house is to take a wet clean cloth over the areas you want to clean. Don’t just use any detergent soap some of them are harmful for the skin of your kids and can lead to allergies. It’s better to use a safe anti-bacterial detergent soap to clean the bounce house. Put a detergent soap on another wet cloth gently rub on the area. After that, gently wash the area again with your original wet cloth. Repeat the process until done. Don’t hose it down like a car. Treat it gently and you will be happy with a long-lasting use.

Don’t worry if your bounce house gets wet, just continue to let the blower inflate the continuous airflow provided by the blower will dry itself.

Take this tips to get the maximum life out of your Bounce House:

  • After using your bounce house keep it in a safe place in your house. Leaving it outside can be harmful to the product; weather will corrode materials.
  • Drain all water parks, and let it run empty, the blower will dry all water from inside materials.
  • To avoid a tear in your bounce house. Never just drag the inflatable across concrete, sharp objects, etc.