There are times that we cannot expect that our bounce house can be damage by our kids while playing, it may be break or tear apart. It maybe the result of heavy usage of the product sometimes we cannot notice that it was overloaded or even just punctured by a foreign object. So it could be better if when it’s use, all inflatables should have a designated attendant supervising the children. To avoid the permanent damage of your water slide obstacle course device you have to fix the rip or tear in its side by way of an inflatable repair kit, officially called a Tear-Aid patch kit.

The Tear-Aid patch, sold in a retail kit or a 3″ or 5′ roll, it’s a large pice of tape which can occupied almost the damage part of your bounce house instantly fix any tear. You have to measure the tear from your bouny house and cut some appropriate length of adhesive from the roll. Then, make any additional cuts to the fabrics to pare it down to a size that will exactly cover the entire tear. Remove now the film from the back of the patch and apply to the area on your deflated bouncy device where the rip occured. The patch will affix itself immediately to the damage part and it will dry in seconds. After you successfully apply the patch let it dry. You’ll see that the device will blows up like nothing ever happened! the patch is waterproof and it is not easily broken so you can assure that it will last and can be palyed anytime soon. They are easy to use and guaranteed to work to perfection.

There are two kinds of pathches that you are going to use depending on the type of inflatable device that you wish to fix, Type A and Type B patch kit. Type A patch kits are used to primarily fix non-vinyl surfaces, such as canvas (and other fabrics), rubber, plastics, and fiberglass. Use a Type A patch kit or roll to fix an inflatable boat or raft. Type B patches are used exclusively on vinyl surfaces, and should be used to fix any residential or commercial bouncy house, water slide, or obstacle course.