In 1959 a man named John Scurlock designed an inflatable cover for a tennis court, an idea that would eventually lead to one of the most popular party accessories available today. He soon noticed that his workers enjoyed jumping with the inflatable covers. John Scurlock a mechanical engineer, then designed and manufactured some inflatable tents, inflatable domes and inflatable signs. He then decided to form a company called Space Walk and made the Space Walks, the first inflatable moonwalk business.

First it was just a large air mattress and decided to add walls. It is nice to know that this invention an ingenious ideas formed the first prototype bounce house and was became a part of our past times.

The Space Walk came first, it was named that way beacause it was made to make people feel that they are walking in the moon. Everyone loves it especially during the 1950′s when the Space Race was made.

The structure of the first bounce house was little more than a large and high inflatable mattress. Walls weren’t added until the late 1960′s and then they were mostly called Moonwalks in the U.S.

If you have ever experience leaving your mattress unattended or even a bed, then you can see your kids are enjoying bounce on them. Their laughs of delight will fill your home for hours as they amuse themselves. However there no guarantee for that coz they may fall down and be hurt. So, why not give yourself a break and let your kids have some fun in buying a bounce house that will keep them safe and entertained.