When using some inflatable device we cannot tell that there may come a time that when, regardless of the circumstances the device may rip or tear. There are a lot of reason of these damages it may be constant usage over a long period of time, it could be from inclement weather or from a foreign object that we didn’t noticed inside the device. Whatever the case may be, there is a quickest, easiest, and overall best way to fix the job. To use a Tear-Aid repair patch or kit. It is like a giant band-aid design for this any inflatable device. But to use of these product it should be in a proper way to assure a long time use of the inflatable. Just peel and stick the patch onto the rip in your device. After placing the tear-aid patch over the tear, the damage will be healed instantly, and you can continue using the inflatable without worrying if it will tear-up the second time around. While buying the Tear-Aid patch kit it is important to pay attention to the type that you are going to buy and use to avoid delay in repairing the device.

You should not be confused with the types of Tear-Aid patches available to purchase. Type A and Type B patches. Type BTear-Aid patches are used exclusively to fix and repair vinyl surfaces, which are basically any inflatable device, like a bounce house, water slide, obstacle course or inflatable boat while the Type A Tear-Aid patches are used to repair all non-vinyl surfaces, such as canvas (and other fabrics), rubber, plastics, and fiberglass like tents, sails, nylon bags; basically, anything other than a bounce house or similar inflatable device. To make sure for the successful help you should take note of this simple guidelines. Remember buying a wrong Tear-Aid patches will not give you a good help.