Sometimes, weather can be completely unpredictable. Rainfall can be quite unpredictable, and unfortunately, this means it can strike birthday parties, corporate events, town picnics, etc. without warning! The people at these events will be fine, but what about the bounce houses and inflatable structures? There is no need to panic if your bounce house is fully inflated and in use when rainfall strikes. Follow these simple steps to avoid possible injuries and to keep the children and your bounce house safe from the weather.

The first step when rainfall hits an inflated bounce house is to evacuate the children from the bounce house calmly and quickly. There’s no reason to cause unnecessary panic; just get the kids out of the bounce house and safely indoors so the bounce house can be deflated.

Next, take care of the blower. The blower is hooked up to an electrical outlet or power strip. Shut off the power strip (if present) and unplug the blower. Move the blower to a safe, sheltered location. Make sure that you dry off the blower at the first opportunity, especially the electrical plug! Since you’ve unplugged the supply of air flowing into the inflatable walls, the bounce house should begin to slowly deflate. Once it has completely deflated, leave the bounce house out in the rain. There’s simply no way to safely move that much heavy vinyl material to a safe, indoor location without potential injury and confusion. The bounce house will not dissolve due to rainfall: wait until the rain has stopped to take further action. Once the rain has stopped, wipe the blower again with a dry cloth and plug it back into the dry electrical socket. The blower will begin to re-inflate. Gather other to help you wipe down the entire exterior and partial interior of the bounce house with dry towels and rags. Leaving extensive vinyl material wet like that after the rain has stopped will increase the likelihood of mold formation and overall decay on the bounce house’s surface. Once the bounce house has been completely dried, it will become safe to allow kids back in for continued jumping, bouncing, and fun.

Note: if your children are using inflatable water slides, or any sort of water park/bounce house combination inflatable, the same rules and procedures as the normal bounce house should be followed. Evacuate the kids from the water inflatables, unplug the blower, and make sure the inflatable begins to deflate. Even though the water slides are structurally designed to incorporate water into their playtime, the vinyl material can still become damaged from the steady rainfall from above.