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What’s gone wrong with America’s favourite sport

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Adrian Peterson (left) and Ray Rice’s domestic cases has caused outrage in AmericaThe actions of several National Football League players have thrown an unprecedented focus on how the league has dealt with the incidents.

The first scandal erupted on Monday, 8 September, when the gossip website TMZ posted a second video of running back Ray Rice, then of

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cheap oakleys Sunglasses the Baltimore Ravens, knocking his then fiancee Janay unconscious in an elevator.

The incident happened back in February, when Rice and Janay were both arrested and charged over the altercation in the elevator of an Atlantic City casino. Part of the incident Rice dragging his
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But once an Atlantic County prosecutor handling the case allowed Rice to enter a pre trial programme and avoid prosecution, it appeared
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cheap michael kors store fallout from the crisis would soon be over. Rice and Janay appeared at a joint press conference and his
wholesale sale oakleys now wife apologised for her role in the incident.

fake cheap oakleys viewing the altercation itself, the public was generally underwhelmed by Rice’s two game suspension from the NFL, but outrage was limited.

And once the NFL

cheap oakleys online announced an altered, supposedly strengthened domestic violence policy, it seemed the crisis was over. Rice even received a standing ovation from some Ravens fans.

Ray Rice, pictured with his wife, was initially suspended for two games by the NFL but the ban was extendedThat changed as soon as TMZ posted the
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Within hours, the Ravens had released Rice. Soon after, the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely.

And with that, the focus shifted, from Rice himself, to how the NFL handled the Rice case, and what it knew.

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, went on television on the Wednesday evening and made a number of claims that he hadn’t seen the tape, that it would have been illegal to ask for the tape, and that the NFL office had never received the tape.

While there’s no evidence that Goodell had actually seen it, a number of his other claims have been disputed.

The Associated Press reported that the NFL received the tape in April, and the New
wholesale oakleys outlet Jersey State Police pointed out that Goodell had every right to ask for the tape from the casino.

But Rice is not the
wholesale fake oakleys only problem the league is facing right now. Adrian Peterson, a star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, was arrested and charged with child abuse on
cheap oakleys Saturday.

Once again, the charges were
discount oakleys Sunglasses supplemented by visual evidence, police releasing pictures of Peterson’s four year old son’s injuries. Peterson had allegedly beaten the child with a tree branch.

Peterson himself tried to undo the
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wholesale discount oakleys damage, releasing a statement that acknowledged doing so, but asserting that he didn’t believe such a thing constituted child abuse.

The Vikings had deactivated Peterson on Sunday, but announced plans to activate him this week.

Adrian Peterson: Parenting, punishment and race feature"The recent arrest of NFL running back Adrian Peterson has put a spotlight on corporal punishment
replica oakleys of children in the US. At what
cheap micheal kors outlet point does discipline become child abuse?"Read more

That would
discount christian louboutin have placed the NFL at the centre of a difficult decision again, but the Vikings abruptly changed course early
wholesale oakleys on Wednesday, and took Peterson off the field indefinitely.

Where this leaves the NFL, who have hired three consultants to help them deal with issues relating to domestic violence and sexual assault, remains to be seen. The league has plenty of other potential embarrassing issues to deal with already.

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performance and long battery life that the Intel Atom processor provides. are proud to support E FUN in extending their successful product line to Windows tablets for consumers in the United States," said Erik Reid, vice president of Intel Mobile and Communications Group and general manager of the Tablet Business Unit. OEM Division, Microsoft. in 2013," said Jean Philippe Bouchard, research director, tablets at IDC. Full year 2013 tablet unit market share as per IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker Q2 2014 About E FUNE FUN, a designer and marketer of mobile lifestyle products, entered the North American market in
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State can’t gamble with marijuana money not in the bank He is the state official tasked with estimating how much tax revenue Washington’s grand experiment with legal marijuana will yield. As Lerch says, decades of sales and property tax data inform
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The truth about Freddie Gray injury from car accident By Mark Puente and Doug Donovan The Baltimore Sun contact the reporters Debunking rumors: Freddie Gray settlement connected to lead paint, not car accident or spinal surgery. Freddie Gray filed paperwork to collect $18,000 settlement in exchange for $108,000 annuity. Online reports are swirling that Freddie Gray had spinal surgery shortly before he died in police custody, and had collected a payout in a settlement from a car accident. Those reports which raise questions about the injury that led to his death in April 19 point to Howard County court records as proof. Caption After jail Karl Merton Ferron / Baltimore Sun Held since Monday, Carrick Bastiany Gaumnitz of Belvedere Square looks at injuries he had sustained which he claims, have not been cleaned or changed, before he is tended to for his injuries after he and others are released from central booking as the sun sets. Held since Monday, Carrick Bastiany Gaumnitz of
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Sunday in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals against Memphis. During his breakout season, Green took time to verbally jab Hall of Fame player Charles Barkley, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers and even those who engage him on Twitter. Green finished second in the voting for the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year award, backing up his trash talk on the court and swipes taken at those who might express doubts about him or the Warriors. ‘I have a great smile’But watch the outspoken Green confidently express himself, and he’s often holding court with a grin. The 6
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to sales associates. For men, an associate interest in helping them find an item is most important, followed by the sales associate effort in getting them through checkout quickly. For women, store loyalty is related to sales associates familiarity with the products in the store and an ability to determine what products best
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One-Of-A-Kind Bounce House Stakes

A bounce house can provide some of the most fun you will ever have during summer and spring time, without a doubt. All bounce houses that are available to you have certain features in common, as both industry standards and tried-and-true methods of quality and safety. Besides their design structure and their sources of generated power, bounce houses also share the same methods of keeping the devices pinned to the ground during usage. Each bounce house uses long metal stakes that are at most a foot long to secure the corners of the device down. These stakes are threaded through the designated tie-down loops on the side of the bounce house, and are then pounded into the ground and tightened in place with string. These stakes are one of a kind when it comes to securing your bounce house in place for safe use during the day.

Other outdoor recreational games and activities also use stakes and spikes in order to secure themselves to the ground. Examples of these games include volleyball, badminton, tennis, and other such sports. Each of those sports requires a net to be placed in between the two participating teams so that the game can be properly played. In order to do so, each corner of the net has two different stakes attached to string ropes. All of the stakes, in addition to both poles of the net, are then pounded into the ground, far enough away to tighten the strings, while still close enough in order to make sure that the stakes are firmly and totally in place. The stakes, while clearly not identical to those you would find in a bounce house shipping box, do serve the same purpose.

While the activities that you store in your garage may use spikes in order to complete the set-up and procedure, they cannot be interchanged with the spikes that accompany your bounce house. The stakes that ship with your chosen bounce house are specifically designed to hold down the bounce house that they shipped with. The stakes are not mentioned as “interchangeable” in the owner’s manual, or on the product’s web site. A stake that can secure a badminton net is not necessarily strong enough to hold down a corner of a bounce house. You can usually tell this just by looking at the size of the spike. A moonwalk can hold multiple people at the same time, bouncing and jumping around for the whole day, and as a result, needs stakes that are strong enough to keep such a potentially harmful device in place. Without the special stakes, the bounce house stands a good chance of being blown away in a strong windstorm, or toppling over if enough pressure from the bouncing area hits the corner with the weaker stakes. If you have lost your stakes, you will need to order replacements from a bounce house web site, product store, or catalog. Do not attempt an inflation and set-up without the proper type and amount of stakes holding your bounce house to the grass.

The Sand In Your Sandbags

Plans for using your bounce house for a party or celebration may become sidetracked for a variety of reasons. The common culprit for these delays is poor weather, which can strike your party area through heavy rainstorms, thunder and lightning, strong gusts of wind, and low wind-chill temperatures. However, your day is not ruined. Having a bounce house party indoors is a worthy alternative that constantly grows in popularity and preference each year. To set up an inflatable device under a solid roof, you’re going to need sandbags to secure the bounce house to the ground, thereby avoiding possible collapse and injuries.

These sandbags intended for indoor bounce house use help to stabilize your inflatable device and hold it in place during jumping. The bags are most commonly made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also known as the same material used to construct most bounce houses. These sandbags are very hard to damage and are likely to last a long time, usually as long as the bounce house itself. The majority of sandbags that you can purchase for your bounce house have a weight capacity of about 50 pounds. This means that if you have a sandbag for every corner of your bounce house, it will take about 200 pounds of sand in order to evenly secure the inflatable device to the ground. However, for inflatable devices on a larger scale, such as obstacle courses, the amount of bags necessary for fastening will likely increase to six or even eight. It all depends on the amount of tie-down loops present on your inflatable device’s base.

Outside, you would pound stakes into the ground through these loops in order to lock down the bouncer. Inside, you tie the sandbags to these loops to keep the bounce house steady and unmoving throughout the day. Typically, the sand to fill the bags will not arrive with the bags themselves; you will need to buy it separately from a home improvement store. Your inflatable device may not need all 50 pounds of each bag to remain firmly to the ground. The definite weight of sand needed to fix the bouncer’s position may vary depending on the type of bounce house you have. We recommend testing this by filling each sandbag with varying levels of sand, then checking if the bounce house will remain secure. Usually, though, it’s a good idea to fill these bags up at least halfway.

When you feel you have added an acceptable level of sand in your bag, you must then completely seal it using the zipper on the mouth of the bag. Make sure that the zipper is absolutely tight and secure before tying it to the bottom loops of the bouncer. If the zipper is not sealed tight, then grains of sand can begin to leak out of the top of the bag during use. This could cause the bounce house to come loose from the set-up area. If leaks in the bag are spotted, either from a loose zipper or from a tear in the bag itself, cease bouncing temporarily while the bag is being replaced.

Bounce House Storage Bag Uses

At the end of the day, when the sun is setting, and the party’s nearly over, it’s unfortunately time to take down your bounce house until tomorrow. However, while nobody might want to see it happen, taking down your bounce house is an incredibly simple process that anyone is capable of. Each bounce house comes with its own oversized storage bag for holding the device during non-usage. Anyone has the ability to learn how to store their bounce house with total ease. In addition, the bounce house storage bag is designed to allow for many different usages beyond keeping all your bounce house paraphernalia in one location.

Every bounce house can fit inside of the storage bag that accompanies it during shipment. The bag has to be large enough to fit the bounce house, with room to spare for the blower and the stakes that tether the device to the ground. The storage bag is referred to as “oversized” because it needs to be capable of holding your deflated bounce house, the blower that powers it, the stakes that hold the bounce house to the ground, and any other bounce house accessory that you may have purchased. Bounce house operators and owners roll up the deflated bounce house into a compact cylinder-shaped piece of fabric, and then place it inside of the storage bag. Once inside, the other accessories can be safely placed next to the device, often times with room to spare. Although the bag is referred to as “over-sized”, it still remains small enough to be stored in both a garage, a separate closet, your car, or any other location with a solid roof over its head to prevent inclement weather from touching the device when it is non-active.

The storage bag also makes it incredibly easy to take the bounce house to new and different locations whenever you want. Because of the compacted method of storage, the device can be easily placed inside of your car or desired method of transport and taken to parties and events across the country (or, more likely, down the street). The storage bag is designed to have two handles on the top of the device, and because the deflated bounce house, the blower, the stakes, and the bag itself are so lightweight, the stored set-up can be lifted and carried around by anyone capable of doing so, including children and senior citizens. Responsible children can even bring the bounce house over to a friend’s house or party for the day, provided that parents or guardians will be present to help with set-up and to monitor the behavior in the bouncing area.

There are some products and entertainment devices out there that feel like they require a separate instructional manual just to take the thing apart. Luckily for you, the bounce house and its storage bag is not one of them. There’s a reason bounce houses are so popular for family and party entertainment: the devices are so user-friendly, and have the massive demand and appeal to back up the ease of setting the device up. Start considering a bounce house as a present for an upcoming holiday, or as the centerpiece for the gigantic party that you’re in the process of planning and holding, if you haven’t already done so.

Blower Failure

Bounce houses are capable of appealing to any age group at any time, thanks in no small part to the sheer variety of designs and styles of inflatable devices there are in the world. However, without a blower to generate air inside the device, the bounce house would be incomplete. Every bounce house and inflatable device you can find for purchase ships with its own unique blower, which is capable of generating the right amount of power and air to inflate its designated bounce house. However, in the rare event that your blower was to break, you would be unable to properly blow up your inflatable device. Luckily for you, figuring out the malfunction and getting it fixed are relatively simple procedures.

A blower failure or malfunction may not be a likely occurrence, but there are still some ways that it can happen, almost always when you’re least expecting it. The most likely source of blower failure and malfunction is due to overheating. The overheating of a blower’s motor can occur due to a longer than average exposure to the sun’s rays; such an occurrence would be most likely to occur in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Overheating can also occur if you attempt to plug your blower into an outlet it was not designed for (i.e., an outlet that does not match the prongs of the plug itself). The blower can also stop working if it has been yanked out of the wall outlet one time too many. This can be the result of accidental tripping or irresponsible takedown procedure. The plug attached to the blower can be weakened and may cease to work entirely if it is not properly cared for during use.

There are several ways to check and see if your bounce house blower is defective, each easy enough to be accomplished without any technical expertise. The first way to try and see if the blower is defective is by plugging it into another outlet, and checking if the same results still occur.  Inspect the circuit breaker for all the outlets you’ve tried to plug the blower into, and reset them all before attempting to plug your blower in for testing. Depending on the brand of the blower, there may be a reset button located somewhere on the blower. Press it once, and then turn the device’s power back on to see if the blower starts back up again. If overheating has occurred, the device may need at least two hours of non-activity before it can be properly activated again. If all else fails, a replacement blower can be ordered from a bounce house supply web site, catalog, or company. Be sure to select a replacement that matches the capabilities of your bounce house. A blower that is too powerful for the device may end up causing over-inflation of your inflatable, risking serious injury.

Also, keep in mind that if your bounce house blower is still creating the same amount of air as always, yet the bounce house is still not inflating, there could very well be a problem with the bounce house itself, rather than the blower. After many years of usage, the bounce house’s interior fabric may become delaminated. Delaminating refers to the fabric inside of the device being split up into thin strips. Weakened inner fabric will cause the splitting of the fabric after many, many years of usage; as a result, the device may be falling apart from the inside. The delaminated fabric may cause rips and tears that are not initially visible, but nonetheless prevent the air generated by your blower from reaching every area inside of the device. A delaminated bounce house is hard to repair, requiring the device to be sewn and sealed from the inside rather than the outside walls. Be sure to inspect all possible problem areas before you replace a vital piece of your bounce house set-up.

Ways To Prevent People From Tripping Over The Blower Cord

A bounce house wouldn’t be able to function if it wasn’t for the blower that ships alongside it. Every blower is activated by plugging its cord into a nearby outlet. When the blower is plugged in, it generates a steady, powerful stream of air, which then shoots up the air tube and into the walls of the device, causing inflation. However, during the set up of your bounce house, you must make sure that the site is as organized and balanced as possible. Many users and party guests have been known to trip over the blower’s power cord while it is active, causing deflation and possible injury.

One of the most common types of accidental bounce house deflation occurs when people trip over the blower cord that has been plugged into the wall. Such sudden actions can damage the cord and plug due to the sudden yanking out of the wall. Frequent occurrences of tripping can weaken the cord and cause the blower to die prematurely. It also goes without saying that those who trip over the cord are very likely to suffer some small injury as a result. Unlike the main bouncing area, there is no cushion of air and vinyl waiting to catch your fall if you trip and lose your footing outside of the bounce house. As fun as they may be, you must always keep a clear head and be mindful of safety and rules whenever you are around a bounce house.

Luckily for you, there are a variety of ways to prevent these cases of tripping from so easily occurring. Experiment with the way you set up and position your bounce house each time. Keep trying to change the layout and locations of each set piece to see which is the most organized, and to find the combination that causes the least amount of stress on the blower and plug. Try to either set up the bounce house so that it is as close as possible to the outlet that you’ll plug the blower into. Stretching the cord in order to reach a bounce house that is far away from the power source will be a prime target for tripping and accidents. Depending on your yard and your specific type of bounce house, it may take some time and many different attempts to get the layout that works best for you and your current location.

If you have a significant and excessive amount of cord lying around from your blower, it will reduce any strain on the blower and its accessories to stay active. However, people are just as prone to tripping over a large pile of cords as they are over a long stretched out cord if they’re not looking where they’re going. Covering up the cord could add another layer of protection and safety to the set-up area. Try to tape it to the ground, or place some kind of appliance or chair on top of the excess cord. It is generally considered unwise to place any excessive amount of cords underneath the bounce house itself. While the cord may be protected from guests tripping over it, the natural shifting of the fully inflated bounce house may eventually loosen the plug from the outlet, which will also lead to a sudden deflation.

As a general safety precaution, instruct your guests to avoid walking, running, or playing around the outlet or blower. Consider blocking off the area entirely from all guests, except for those specifically in charge of setting up and taking down the blower. Discouraging people from traveling through the area may be all the extra security and protection you need.