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Tear-Aid Kit for the Bounce House

There are times that we cannot expect that our bounce house can be damage by our kids while playing, it may be break or tear apart. It maybe the result of heavy usage of the product sometimes we cannot notice that it was overloaded or even just punctured by a foreign object. So it could be better if when it’s use, all inflatables should have a designated attendant supervising the children. To avoid the permanent damage of your water slide obstacle course device you have to fix the rip or tear in its side by way of an inflatable repair kit, officially called a Tear-Aid patch kit.

The Tear-Aid patch, sold in a retail kit or a 3″ or 5′ roll, it’s a large pice of tape which can occupied almost the damage part of your bounce house instantly fix any tear. You have to measure the tear from your bouny house and cut some appropriate length of adhesive from the roll. Then, make any additional cuts to the fabrics to pare it down to a size that will exactly cover the entire tear. Remove now the film from the back of the patch and apply to the area on your deflated bouncy device where the rip occured. The patch will affix itself immediately to the damage part and it will dry in seconds. After you successfully apply the patch let it dry. You’ll see that the device will blows up like nothing ever happened! the patch is waterproof and it is not easily broken so you can assure that it will last and can be palyed anytime soon. They are easy to use and guaranteed to work to perfection.

There are two kinds of pathches that you are going to use depending on the type of inflatable device that you wish to fix, Type A and Type B patch kit. Type A patch kits are used to primarily fix non-vinyl surfaces, such as canvas (and other fabrics), rubber, plastics, and fiberglass. Use a Type A patch kit or roll to fix an inflatable boat or raft. Type B patches are used exclusively on vinyl surfaces, and should be used to fix any residential or commercial bouncy house, water slide, or obstacle course.

Definition and the Benefits of a Bounce House?

It was 1959 that John Scurlock designed an inflatable cover for a tennis court. After seeing his employees jumping and having fun with his invention he then make an inflatable mattress of a sorts for a new form of fun and that was a bounce house. Over the the years the device has transformed to become one of the greatest backyard party attraction ever. That is a bounce house and of all ages love it. Bounce Houses has appeal to the kids so much, in addtion to their sizes,styles,shapes and colorful looks,and it a lot of fun bouncing in a bounce house. In addition this is not only for fun it also helps your kids to excercise their cardiovascular via the featured activity in inflatable bounce houses. So it means you’re kids are not just having fun but also they’re making there body physically fit while enjoying the activity.

For a better definition, a Bounce House is known as an inflatable device that is used as a way for children to have fun and secure environment. The thing that gives the device a structure and to be appealing to the consumer is gas, such as air or helium. These large inflatable structures are also reffered as Bounce House, Moonwalk,Spacewalk, Moon Bounce, Inflatable bouncers and Bouncy Castle.

What’s good about this Bounce House is you can watch over your kids while doing some other task in your house as they are playing in your own backyard. If you are tired buying new mattresses because you’re worried if your child will gonna destroy it by continuously jumping on it? Well, Bounce House is the answer this is much more creative and hazard-free way for you and to your child to bounce to their heart’s delight.

Look For The Best Bounce House Rental Company

Not all of us are in the position financially to buy the things that we want to buy especially to make a large purchase. But sometimes it’s nice to see our kids to be comfortable and safe in playing. There are a lot of alternatives and easy ways to have affordable bounce houses. The simplest alternative to have one is to rent a residential or commercial bounce for a short-term usage. Bounce house rental companies are big help for you to experience the fun and willing to help through rental process, they’re are existing almost every single U.S. state. However, you must have to be more choosy in selecting a bounce house to rent or buy in order to get the best quality of the product. Every company has a certain standard quality present in all of the bounce house.

Before you buy or rent a bounce house you must have to have a research on a multiple companies to find the good quality that is also suit to your budget before you make a final decision on a company to rent from. As a customer it’s your right to look-up all the local companies in your area, comparing and contrasting them to find the best value for your rent period. Finding online house bounce companies is also an option to look for the best, renter will have a professional-looking website and to have an information of the company on how it is run. Look for easily-viewed contact information for you to easily ask for them about the product or declare your interest in renting an inflatable device. In addition, it’s better if the company has a catalog to choose from. The more bouncy houses they have for rental, the likier their experince in the business.

Finally, seeking out any review or testimony from the internet or real life can also be helpful in choosing one. You can use the opinions and experiences of others to give you an idea in making the choice that is best for you. Find the shipping company with the highest amount of positive feedback or smallest amount of mishaps, and give them a call. You can call all the companies with no limit; the bounce house rental company that is right for you will stop at nothing to provide you with the best, memorable experience.

Taking Good Care of Bounce House

To maintain the cleanliness of your bounce house is very important to make sure that your kids can play healthy in a clean environment. Bounce houses can be the house of the bacteria also, so whether you are renting or own your bounce house make sure that it is cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning your bounce house may sound like a chore. Don’t just depend on the company to clean it if you’re renting one. Every owner’s manual has some easy and good information about this so you can actually read carefully and do the cleaning well.

One of the best method for cleaning your bounce house is to take a wet clean cloth over the areas you want to clean. Don’t just use any detergent soap some of them are harmful for the skin of your kids and can lead to allergies. It’s better to use a safe anti-bacterial detergent soap to clean the bounce house. Put a detergent soap on another wet cloth gently rub on the area. After that, gently wash the area again with your original wet cloth. Repeat the process until done. Don’t hose it down like a car. Treat it gently and you will be happy with a long-lasting use.

Don’t worry if your bounce house gets wet, just continue to let the blower inflate the continuous airflow provided by the blower will dry itself.

Take this tips to get the maximum life out of your Bounce House:

  • After using your bounce house keep it in a safe place in your house. Leaving it outside can be harmful to the product; weather will corrode materials.
  • Drain all water parks, and let it run empty, the blower will dry all water from inside materials.
  • To avoid a tear in your bounce house. Never just drag the inflatable across concrete, sharp objects, etc.

Is There Bounce House for Adults?

Sometimes while looking at the kids having fun with the bounce house it makes us think that is there any bounce house designed for adults? Well, bounce houses are typically made for children. It’s rare to see that grown men and women were jumping around inside of a bounce house. There is no bounce house yet that is designed for adults for them has a heavier weight compare to the kids, it can’t continually support the weight of an adult, and there seem to be many common reasons why not: adults are too fragile to start jumping around.

To have a strong structured bounce house it should be filled with air properly. The more stitching, the greater thw eight a structure can hold. But this structure can only tolerate the weight of the kids any overweight can cause damaged to the product. If there were to be any inflatable device that could hold an adult’s weight, it would be the inflatable obstacle course. Obstacle courses, depending on their size, can hold anywhere from 400 to over 1000 pounds of weight, which would definitely support an adult’s weight. Obstacle courses are not the same thing as bounce houses. But some industry are finding ways to find an even stronger material for building bouncy, inflatable devices just for teenagers can also enjoy this product.

One of the Good Investment for Kids

For most parents we are having a hard time seeking what’s best for our children. One of the best investment that you can give to your children is buying a bounce house or water slide. Your kids will absolutely love this products. It’s better to introduce your kids to an outdoor activity than to let them focus their world playing video games.

It’s not healthy that your kids spend way too much time on a computer, watching TV, or playing video games. Playing in a bounce house or water slide has a lot of benefits to your child’s body. It enable them to become more active and develop their sleeping muscles. It is also a positive way to make friends with others especially when your child is a shy type.

Parents, who wants peace and a quite time when their children are playing I think this product is the best solution for that. This is safe and secure compare to other toys. Kids need playtime to let out stress and playing with bounce houses and water slides are a great way to provide stress relief.

Get Rid of your Worries!

Every mom was wishing to have a peace of mind in terms with thier kids. Ever wish that your kids could stop bouncing on your furniture and other valuable things in the house? As a mother we are hoping that they could play safe and secure without you worrying where they are while playing. It’s nice to be hustle free while our children are playing and enjoying what they are doing without being overprotected to them. There are a lot of question that we can ask to our selves but did you ask yourself what type of product or toy will provide endless amusement for your children, yet will also be safe and secure.

It’s time to get rid of your worries because are offering a solution to that. buying a bounce house is worth it. It will not only gives you a reassurance for your kids but also you will be happy too because it will give you some well-deserved free time thinking that your kids are safe and having fun. You can enjoy your day especially when it’s summer you can actually read a book while knowing that your kids are well protected from harm because design their product solely for the purpose of providing your children with fun and security.

We know that playtime is indeed crucial for a child’s well-development, but products such as a inflatable bounce house are affordable, safe, and most of all, fun! You can be a happy parent. Being a parent is indedda difficult job and you should give the best kor kids. We guarantee that a bounce house will bring new and enjoyable memories for your kids that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The Wrong Tear-Aid Patch

When using some inflatable device we cannot tell that there may come a time that when, regardless of the circumstances the device may rip or tear. There are a lot of reason of these damages it may be constant usage over a long period of time, it could be from inclement weather or from a foreign object that we didn’t noticed inside the device. Whatever the case may be, there is a quickest, easiest, and overall best way to fix the job. To use a Tear-Aid repair patch or kit. It is like a giant band-aid design for this any inflatable device. But to use of these product it should be in a proper way to assure a long time use of the inflatable. Just peel and stick the patch onto the rip in your device. After placing the tear-aid patch over the tear, the damage will be healed instantly, and you can continue using the inflatable without worrying if it will tear-up the second time around. While buying the Tear-Aid patch kit it is important to pay attention to the type that you are going to buy and use to avoid delay in repairing the device.

You should not be confused with the types of Tear-Aid patches available to purchase. Type A and Type B patches. Type BTear-Aid patches are used exclusively to fix and repair vinyl surfaces, which are basically any inflatable device, like a bounce house, water slide, obstacle course or inflatable boat while the Type A Tear-Aid patches are used to repair all non-vinyl surfaces, such as canvas (and other fabrics), rubber, plastics, and fiberglass like tents, sails, nylon bags; basically, anything other than a bounce house or similar inflatable device. To make sure for the successful help you should take note of this simple guidelines. Remember buying a wrong Tear-Aid patches will not give you a good help.

The History of Bounce House

In 1959 a man named John Scurlock designed an inflatable cover for a tennis court, an idea that would eventually lead to one of the most popular party accessories available today. He soon noticed that his workers enjoyed jumping with the inflatable covers. John Scurlock a mechanical engineer, then designed and manufactured some inflatable tents, inflatable domes and inflatable signs. He then decided to form a company called Space Walk and made the Space Walks, the first inflatable moonwalk business.

First it was just a large air mattress and decided to add walls. It is nice to know that this invention an ingenious ideas formed the first prototype bounce house and was became a part of our past times.

The Space Walk came first, it was named that way beacause it was made to make people feel that they are walking in the moon. Everyone loves it especially during the 1950′s when the Space Race was made.

The structure of the first bounce house was little more than a large and high inflatable mattress. Walls weren’t added until the late 1960′s and then they were mostly called Moonwalks in the U.S.

If you have ever experience leaving your mattress unattended or even a bed, then you can see your kids are enjoying bounce on them. Their laughs of delight will fill your home for hours as they amuse themselves. However there no guarantee for that coz they may fall down and be hurt. So, why not give yourself a break and let your kids have some fun in buying a bounce house that will keep them safe and entertained.

Buy, don’t Rent a Bounce House

We don’t want to be big extravagant for birthday parties especially when the child can’t really appreciate the things that parents are commonly preparing for. It was ridiculous what some parents were spending. All that money just to impress other adults and the kids could care less. Right? Why not put just a simple birthday party and make sure that all the children visitors can enjoy the moment?.

A bounce house is great way to keep a large group of kids entertained and boy how great they’ll sleep at night. If you have 2 or 3 kids so they are celebrating birthdays every year so for you to have less expenses instead of renting a bounce house every birthday party, it’s lesser expense if you will just buy a bounce house and take good care of that so that all of your kids can enjoy it with those days.

Some are thinking that they can save in just renting a bounce house but if you will going to count the days and money that you’ve spent by the time you are renting the device you will know that it is more cheaper to have it on your own.

There are a lot of companies out there who are offering discounts but a good quality. If you will just be keen enough to use your money there are a lot of ways to save in buying a bounce house.

The best solution is to buy YOUR OWN bounce house that is brand-spanking new! You can depend upon it and not be worried that your kid might get the germs and other nasty things that have accumulated from the rented bounce houses over the years.