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breakout year of 1956 to be unveiled during

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Elvis Presley fans love an anniversary.

Every year, thousands of Elvis devotees flock to Memphis to remember the singer death on Aug. 16, 1977. The main event of Week is the solemn candlelight vigil at Graceland, his longtime home, at midnight Tuesday.

This year, fans have something else to commemorate. It was 55 years ago 1956 when the first two Elvis albums were released, launching an international music career that brought Elvis mix of country, rhythm and blues, and gospel to millions of fans around the world.

a documentation of what I think is rock music most incredible year, said Ernst Jorgensen, a music producer
cheap ray bans and Elvis catalogue expert. was prepared for Elvis. To mark Elvis breakout year, Jorgensen and his team have assembled a five CD box set called Man with the Big Beat. Jorgensen will be unveiling the RCA/Legacy box set Monday at Graceland. The collection goes on sale Sept. 27.

The set includes not only the five CDs, but also an 80 page book that provides a daily chronology of Elvis year though photos, postcards, fan letters, magazine covers and other memorabilia. The set also includes rare photos, posters and a replica concert ticket stub.

The first two CDs in the set are packed with music from the debut LP Presley and the follow up Those seminal albums had some of Elvis most well known songs: Hotel, Suede Shoes, Be Cruel, Dog, Me Tender and more.

Those tunes, recorded in New York, Memphis, Nashville, Tenn., and Hollywood, Calif., helped sell 10 million singles and 800,000 LPs in 1956 alone. They also brought Elvis to television on Milton Berle show, where he gave a hip swiveling performance that excited his young fans and shocked their parents.

Elvis stage presence, soulful voice and love of songs he heard growing up in
discount ray bans Memphis put him in a unique position alongside other rock pioneers of his time: Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bill Haley, Fats Domino.

were fascinated about how this one man seemed to change the entire music business in America in 12 months, Jorgensen said.

would look at the first
discount ray bans album as an American songbook. It an homage to all the great genres of American music, said Guralnick, who wrote two Elvis biographies, Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley and Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. The third CD in the set features rare live recordings that have been re mastered. They include songs from a previously unreleased concert in Shreveport, La., in December 1956, and a Las Vegas concert where he bombed in front of an older audience.

Jorgensen said he is always looking for undiscovered gems like the Shreveport concert
cheap ray bans that can make Elvis music new to longtime fans.

try to get all the pieces to the puzzle, Jorgensen said.

The fourth CD in the set features outtakes from the first RCA recording session in January of that year, and a February session in which Elvis does 12 takes of Rattle And Roll. The fifth CD includes interviews and two segments of Elvis rare monologue, Truth About Me. The outtakes and interviews display a sensitive, emotional side of Elvis amid a great deal of criticism.

Guralnick said the criticism didn start until Elvis became a national star, and it was based on class and social prejudice. It really bothered Elvis when critics put down his fans, Guralnick said.

was extremely outspoken that this was unfair, and that every generation needs to have its own style of music, said Guralnick, who showed a documentary of Sam Phillips, the producer man who discovered Elvis, Saturday at the University of Memphis.Articles Connexes:

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Praying with the President

John’s Church on March 18, 2012.

The Rev. Dr. prayer took on new meaning this past Sunday when Barack our President was 10 feet away from where I was praying!

My wife and I were in the nation capital visiting our son, Case. We decided to worship at St. John Lafayette Square, the Episcopal church that is across the street from the White House. St. John is known as the Church because every president since 1815 has worshiped there while in office.

As we approached the church, police cars were blocking the streets. Officers were questioning pedestrians and sending some in other directions. When we said that we were going to services, we were directed to a muscular young man wearing Ray Bans posted at the front doors. This was the first time I have been frisked going into church services!

We made it to our pew, and Case directed our attention to the right, and there, just across the aisle, was the President, Mrs. Obama and their daughter Sasha heartily singing the procession hymn.

replica ray ban sunglasses him, I saw that he knew our Prayer Book responses and our hymns. Kneeling for the Prayers of the People along with him, I found myself wondering about the President prayers. Was he praying for the economy? For the direction to take in the Middle East that will lead to peace
discount ray bans among the nations?

Was he praying for the welfare of dignity of all persons (as one of our prayers for the President in Rite Two conveys)? For the members of Congress and how they work together? For his political opponents? For how to distribute adequate health care and to create jobs? Or maybe just for his daughters growing up in this crazy world?

It did my heart good just to know that Mr. Obama was on his knees saying his prayers. I was glad to see him receiving the bread and wine of Communion, the body and blood of Christ that he was making an offering of himself, just as we all do, that Christ would be known through his life, through his actions as President.

Praying with the President, not simply for him, is a powerful thing.

I certainly hope that all of the leaders of our nation and all those who seek political office are saying their prayers. The political discourse of our nation is as divisive as it has ever been. This political tension is fueled not so much by differing approaches to solving our nation problems as by rancorous language that denigrates the dignity of one political opponents.

No matter whether you agree with the President or other political
discount ray bans leaders, praying for them, and even with them, takes the discourse to a higher plane. That is one reason Christ asks us to pray for our enemies, and why we do that every Sunday at Nativity.

E Pluribus Unum, out
cheap ray bans of many, one, reminds us that it takes all of us working together, sifting through ideas and potential solutions, to get to where we need to be. It takes compromise and it takes respect as we work towards sustainable ways to promote the dignity and welfare of all persons in this nation and in the world.

Rev. Dr. Andy Anderson

Can we listen to each other with respect, even disagree with others passionately, but know we are one?

For us Episcopalians, this is the way it is. At Nativity, we are Republicans and Democrats at prayer together. We are progressive and conservatives, yet kneeling together at the altar rail, each one of us receiving God presence in Christ, embodies the offering of our lives so that Christ would be known in our actions.Articles Connexes:

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Top 7 Tips For Staying Cool Under Pressure

Have you ever experienced a time where you ended up in a bind? What did you do when your presentation tools malfunctioned, when the website you directed prospects to went down? Did you panic? Did you choke? Well, that is natural, since you were not prepared. It has always affected a lot of people involved in selling, like those in the IT telemarketingbusiness. This is one reason why prospects do not become sales leads.
Michael Kors discounts If you are not prepared, you simply do not sound convincing enough for them to do business with you. Indeed, this can seriously impact yourIT appointment settingbusiness. But you can always surpass this challenge. You just need to follow a few tips:

Practice the basics well when you know what you are talking about, it is almost impossible for you to be left with nothing to say. You just need to practice and practice until the facts become second nature to you.

Rework what you practiced after getting all the details you need to remember down pat in your mind, it is now time to work around the facts. Jumble the arrangement, know them inside out. It is useful when prospects in yourIT telemarketingcampaign disrupt your pacing.

Think of ‘what if?’ scenarios people who succeed in garneringIT leadsare those who are able to anticipate every problem or rejection that they might encounter in the
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet course of their work. You should do
cheap Michael Kors the same, too. So that you will not be caught in surprise if something goes wrong.

Learn to visualize imagine how things might go in
replica Michael Kors outlet yourIT telemarketingcall. This can help you mentally prepare in case something goes wrong. Not only that, it can help you calm down (not to mention avoiding the need to have an actual event happen). Be imaginative in the scenarios.

Employ solution shelves in case something goes wrong in your work
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet in gettingIT consulting leads, it will be good to have a solution already in place. Think of the ‘what if?’ scenarios, create the right solution, so that you will not have to think so much when it actually happens.

Study the close calls when a close call happens, think of it as a great windfall in learning. Remember, these are the times where you made a mistake, but the prospect did not notice. Learn from these lessons so that
cheap Michael Kors you will not make a mistake the next time.

Repeat everywhere you go this takes only a few times to practice, but mind you, it will take years to perfect. The nice thing about this is that you can use it in all your public engagements. Doing it all the time will help you get better, and this
cheap michael kors can help you with your need to get more sales leads for your company.

Yes, no matter what trouble comes up, as long as you are
cheap Michael Kors handbags prepared, gettingIT leads will be a real breeze. It pretty much makes you a more effective businessman.Articles Connexes:

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Staying Serene Under Pressure

Charlie Ward’s world was twirling around him, again. There was an enemy crowd’s roar hurtling
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But at this moment, Miami’s P. J. Brown was standing far, far away. He was nowhere near Ward, the stoic point guard he had
oakley sunglasses replica sent tossing like a tumbleweed last May, putting into motion a fight and a stream of suspensions. That playoff series, which had been in the Knicks’ hands, was lost along with their composure. And now, in Part 2 of another fight tainted, suspension marred series with the Heat, the Knicks were about to come apart at the binder.

Suddenly, everything was spinning out of control for the Knicks and right into the hands of Heat Coach Pat Riley. There had been a 20 point Knick lead in the third quarter, and then there was Tim Hardaway in the fourth, and a 21 3 Miami run. And the Knicks’ edge was cut to a flimsy 2.

So how do you stop a run that threatens to destroy the sweet redemption you are on the verge of tasting?

Ward found peace. And that was how the Knicks took a deciding Game 5 of the first round series with the Heat, 98 81. With 6 minutes 45 seconds left, Ward calmly glanced into the eyes of Hardaway, the man who had taken the season
fake oakleys cheap away from the Knicks last year, and launched a silky 3 pointer. As it fell gently through the net, it softly killed all the hope the Heat had of a heroic comeback. The shot sparked a 14 3 run, and the Heat
fake cheap oakley sunglasses never recovered.

No punches, just poise. That was all the Knicks needed in the end to advance to the second round against the Indiana Pacers.

”I had some butterflies before this game,” said Ward, who delivered 14 assists to just 1 turnover. ”That’s abnormal for me. Maybe that was good. Even at the end, I was still nervous. But when there is a lot going on around me, I’m the kind of person that has a calm about me. I’ve always had an inner peace. As a team, I think we remained calm.”

The Knicks shrugged off the pressure as they dusted off their veterans to take this game with the help of an even keeled Allan Houston and his 30 points. Calm came in the most unlikely packaging, as in the way John Starks controlled the juice on his shot selection to score 22. Even when the Knicks left the floor, they did not gloat or jaw or beat their chests.

fake cheap oakleys learned all that stuff can backfire on you,” said Chris Childs, whose throat slitting gesture fired up the Heat for Game 3 in New York. ”That throat slitting I did, I regret it. This time, we’re not saying anything to anybody. They are a great team, and we don’t need to add any lip.”

So the Knicks left with grace in an intense series that was smeared when Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning swung wildly at each other at the end of Game 4, leaving Johnson, Mourning and a wandering Chris Mills suspended for Game 5.

The feuding brutes were gone. And the injured Patrick Ewing was still in a suit. If they were going to win this game, the Knicks had to use their heads. And keep them. So there was Charles Oakley, the one with the cheap shot label on his collar, sprawled on the baseline with 4:21 remaining after taking a flagrant foul in the back by Jamal Mashburn.

Oakley just smiled. He got a few hand slaps from Starks and then completed a 3 point play to give the Knicks a 10 point lead. The Knicks got possession after the shot, because of the flagrant foul, and Starks hit a 3 pointer for a 13 point lead.

And if that was not enough, in the 47th minute of his 48 minute day, Oakley rediscovered his youth. It does not happen often, but Oakley defied the gravity that binds his jalopy body and scored on a breakaway dunk with 22 seconds left.

”Was I tired?” said Oakley, who had 18 points and
oakley sunglasses discount 13 rebounds. ”Hey, it’s early on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve got all night to rest.”

A veteran response. Do what you have to do to win before the sun sets. Buck Williams seized that philosophy. After sitting for the last three games, he shook out the folds in his uniform and delivered 12 points and 14 rebounds. He was able to maneuver in the post, where Mourning usually roams. Lots of layups.

Again, Coach Jeff Van Gundy had his players playing smart and within themselves. There was no doubt that the veteran core of the Knicks was far less flustered than a Heat team that tightened up and shot just 28 percent in the second quarter. Without Mourning in the post, the disarray was obvious in Miami’s six first quarter turnovers.

A year ago, this was the Knicks: uptight and incapable of closing out a series with a makeshift team. But after dealing with Ewing’s absence for four months, they are used to adversity. Trade, injuries, suspensions, you name it.

”People have questioned our character,” Van Gundy said. ”I’m just proud of our guys. Miami made a big run. And then Charlie and Allan made their shots.”

Unlike last year, Houston was as loose as a marionette as he popped up to shoot over double teams. He was not alone, though. Starks, who was suspended for Game 7 a year ago, started and played with surprising restraint. When he was not picking the Heat for three steals, he was looking for the good shots. Then he made them, as he delivered 5 of 9 from 3 point range.

”It’s funny how the tide turns,” Starks said. ”If Hardaway was going to get 30, it was going to be a hard 30. He got 22, and it was a hard 22.”

Without Mourning on their minds, the Knicks collapsed on Hardaway the moment he touched the ball. They
cheap fake oakleys blitzed him, doubled him and got in his face. And still, Hardaway managed to shake free of Childs for 13 points during the Heat’s 21 3 run. Childs was not doing the job that Ward had done. And this was twisted. ”Timmy had beaten me the whole series,” Ward said. ”I hadn’t played that well.”

When Ward left the game in foul trouble, the Knicks, who had led by 47 31 at the half, were up by 18 with 3:29 left in the third. When Ward returned, it was just 2.

”Charlie came in and hit the biggest shot of the year,” Williams said. ”Once he hit it, I knew we were going to turn them back.”

The crowd knew it, and the Heat knew it, too. Riley just winced.

”The shot went in, the crowd got quiet and the Heat hung their heads,” said Terry Cummings, who started at center. ”It wasn’t a sure thing, but that was the beginning of it.”

The beginning of the end to a season full of anger and bitterness and regret over how last season came to a controversial halt in Miami.

”As long as Riley is there and Van Gundy is with us, nothing will ever really end,” Ward said. ”This chapter is not closed because of that reason. I don’t think of this as closure. The only way to really get closure is win a championship. But it has been a long year.”Articles Connexes嚗�

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Nutrient For Healing

While the chemical components are quite similar to green tea, it is in fact far more nutritious, because scientific study has shown it to contain nearly all of the necessary life
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Yerba Mate, a popular South American beverage, is brewed from the dried leaves and stemlets of the small evergreen Yerba Mate tree found in the highlands of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Tea comes from a different plant altogether. So while Yerba Mate is similar in chemical structure to tea, it is a completely different beverage altogether.

The Guarani Indians of Paraguay
wholesale oakleys and Uruguay have long been drinking this beverage, and introduced it into modern civilization. It is now consumed by millions of South Americans every day, as a healthy and beneficial energizing coffee alternative.

Yerba Mate contains 52 more known active chemical compounds than green tea. It is loaded with potent phytochemical antioxidants, and in far greater quantities than in green tea. Like green tea, it has anti cancer and benefits, again, in higher quantities.

This amazing plant has an incredibly rich nutritional profile. It provides: Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, Niacin, B5, B Complex, Calcium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Carotene, Fatty Acids, Chlorophyll, Flavonols, Polyphenols, Inositol, Trace Minerals, Antioxidants, Tannins, Pantothenic Acid and even Amino Acids. Scientists are saying it is quite likely that it contains more powerful nutrients that are yet unknown and undiscovered.

There are so many incredible benefits attributed to Yerba Mate, both from scientific studies and centuries of observation. Some of these benefits include:

increases mental clarity

helps with digestive problems

improvement in general well being, mood, and sleep

helps to lose weight

cleanses and
fake oakleys detoxifies the blood

increases supply of oxygen to the heart

supplies many nutrients needed by the heart for growth and repairreduces the effect of debilitating diseasefirmer and smoother skintone

Experiencers of digestive problems such as
oakley sunglasses replica constipation and hemorrhoids have found these to be relieved and easily overcome over a short period
cheap oakleys of daily use. Some people who require antacids have reported they no longer need to use them after a short time of using Yerba Mate.

People with heart problems have reported clogged arteries clearing up in even just 3 weeks of using Yerba Mate their doctors have ordered them to stop taking their pills for circulation and clogged arteries.

It has even been used as a food substitute due to its rich nutritional profile. It will eliminate feelings of hunger and give the sensation of having had a full meal. While this is important for those
cheap wholesale oakleys experiencing conditions of famine, it is also helpful for people desiring to lose weight.

There are far too many benefits to go into detail in the space of this article. This is a very powerful healing plant. Because of its vast amount of health benefits for the whole body, Yerba Mate is truly a tonic for wellness.

In addition, essential vitamins and nutrients are best absorbed
cheap oakley sunglasses by the body when taken in their live, natural state. This is why it is far more efficient to use a liquid nutrient like Yerba Mate instead of a multivitamin supplement.

Yerba Mate is one of the most excellent nutrients available in the world today, and should be given the attention of all who are interested in excellent health, , wellness, and healing. For her daily Yerba Mate intake she chooses a powerful liquid nutrient, incorporating another superfood, the acai berry.Articles Connexes:

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Racing Down Inflatable Water Slides

double water slideWith summer approaching faster and faster, an inflatable water slide or water park becomes more and more ideal for your children to have fun outside when the weather gets warmer. Their own personal water park in the backyard will be a constant source of entertainment all summer long. In addition to general playtime and recreation, inflatable water slides/parks can be a great source of physical activity as well. One way for a kid to achieve both thrilling and competitive fun is by racing down a water slide!

One feature present in numerous water slides is the ability to race down the slides with a friend simultaneously. This is achieved through inflatable water devices designed and constructed with two slides parallel to each other. Slides like the Kidwise Double Water Slide can typically support 2 children at a time, with a maximum combined weight of 200 pounds. For younger children just being introduced to slides and water, inflatable water parks like the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Park features two water slides next to each other. Any child can enjoy a race or a fun slide with a friend on an inflatable water slide: it doesn’t matter if they’re just being introduced to slides, or are water slide “seasoned professionals”.

Inflatable water slides with this level of intricate design and planning are constructed from high-quality vinyl fabric, sewn multiple times for maximum strength. Each inflatable water slide/racer comes with its own blower for inflation. The water slides should then be hooked up to a hose: this will allow water to flow throughout the inflatable frame, from an overhead sprinkler shower located all the way up in the top of the structure, down the slope of the slide, all flowing into a shallow pool of water at the bottom. It’s all but impossible to not get wet sliding down these inflatable water slides, but when you’re racing your best friends to the pool finish line, you won’t care in the slightest. Children love friendly competition, and using a water slide to hold a series of fun races can entertain children of all ages while keeping them physically active this summer.