To buy the right Bounce House

Bounce Houses have emerged as safe, fun alternatives to trampolines, and are quickly becoming a party tradition.You’re children will be glad if you bought a bounce house for them. It is always fun to have it. But it needs a liitle careful in buying a good quality of bounce house to have a longer usage of the device.

What type of bounce house are you looking for?

Most of our kids has a lot of choices for their party themes. So why not let her feel like a princess in her very own castle by buying a bounce house design as what she wish for?

How much should I buy a bounce house for?

Not all of us are financially abundant. Every individual have their own budget to maintain. However, if you wanna make sure to have a lasting and a high quality bounce houses you should research to all of bounce house companies in your area and pick the affordable prices and FREE SHIPPING for bounce houses.

Bounce House Safety Guide

Bounce Houses are usually safe, however, we cannot predict accidents, mostly due to improper use or an ignorance. We cannot take to teh parents mind if this is really safe. Parents are worried about when kids gleefully tumble around in an inflatable bouncy castle — broken bones, the house deflating, etc..

To avoid all of this worry before letting our kids to bounce woth the device it is important to know the right tips and guidelines to make sure that your kids will be safe and secure.

Bounce House Safety Guidelines

1.Always have an adult watching at them at all times.2

2.Before inflating the device clear all the debris.

3.Do not bring the bounce house outside if it is rainy or windy outside it may get damaged.

4.Don’t wear shoes, eyeglasses and sharp objects that can harm to the device.

5.Food and drink should also not enter the bounce house as it could dirty up your bounce house and it is dangerous to allow children to eat while bouncing around.

6.Rotate children according to their age and siZe.

7.Make sure that the area in which you set your bounce house on is flat.

8.There is a recommended limit for the number of children maximum that should be in the bounce house.

9.No flips, wrestling, somersaults or rough housing inside the bounce house.

10.Do not let your kid play in the bounce house if there’s a damaged it may cause for the device to unused forever.

11.Keep all pets away from the bounce house. Pets may damage your bounce house and/or children inside the bounce house.

When bounce houses are misused, they may provide some serious problems. Bounce Houses are safe and fun when used correctly. Accidents may happen in a bounce house, but by following these safety guidelines, they are greatly diminished and your child will be having fun out of harm’s way.

Bounce House Materials

Upon using the bounce house over and over again. We know that this is an enduring toy that brings happiness and excitement to the children. However, does anyone of us think how this device stays or stands with high endurance and stability? If yu want to to know how it is constructed. read on!

The make and model of the bounce house determines what kind of fabric make up the floors and walls. Bounce house has two types that is manufactured and was spread all across the planet: residential bounce houses and commercial bounce houses. Residential is designed only for children that’s why the materials used for this are woven oxford cloth, a fabric that has a light weight and affordable. Commercisl bounce house are designed for use of the grown-ups, that’s why the materials that they used for this is much more solid and durable. Commercial bounce houses are put together using polyvinyl chloride(PVC) and, added by a nylon and vinyl, For it will be harder to break and destroy.

You should choose the high quality brand of cloth to last long because knockoff brands of bounce houses will only weave their cloth once, and can lead to unstable product.To secure any kind of party that you will be preparing the weaving should be doubled. Some other companies put a inflatable water slides for commercial bounce houses to create a giant bounce house suitable for large parties! In this case we should be more sure to the product, the fabric should be weave quadruple and over-stitched to make sure that such massive bounce house does not easily collapse.

Transporting a Bounce House

What if the party will start and the bounce house that you rented doesn’t arrived yet and you have to take it back? You will come to a pint that you have to bring out your own bounce house to a friend’s house?
Here are some reliable steps on how to transport your bounce house without worrying if it may tear-up or damaged:

1.Clean up the bounce house using a broom then wipe a damp rag.

2.Deflate the bounce, turn it off the and power and make sure that all extra air is out.

3.Lay the bounce house completely flat on the ground. Make sure that the groud is clean and free from stone or sticks that can harm the device.

4.Use 2 people to roll up the bounce house to make it tight,easier and more secure to transport.

5.Strap in the bounce house by placing one strap at both ends of the bounce house and one in the middle.

6.In loading the bounce house it is easier to use a truck, but if it’s not available you can also use a van. Use 2-3 people in loading it.

7.Drive to your destination and drop off the bounce house while driving as close as you can to the spot.

Bigger is Better

As a consumer we should have to choose what is right for oyr kids. In choosing a bounce house size really matter in purchasing or renting one. To avoid that your children bumping to each other and falling down it’s better to buy wider area of bounce house. But remember that buying a bounce house will cause injuries to be almost nonexistent. One of the most popular features is the larger size of the Bounce Area, make sure to follow the guidelines for safety of your children.
It’s better to have a bigger bounce house especially when you are hosting a party, it is more useful because more children can play inside of it, thinking that it can also reduce the number of kids running around and being rowdy. You can also save time and energy having a bigger bounce house in your area. Your child also can spend more time with his/her friends and can meet new friends at a time. What’s good about this is you are giving also yourself a break in running around trying to keep the guests entertained.

The bigger bounce house you have the more room you have to bounce! As your children growing you don’t have to buy another house again because big bounce house will provide them with fun through the ages. There are many varieties of bounce house, coming in all shapes and sizes. However, it’s better to have a bigger bounce house. It is more advantage to have a bigger one also it provides security than a smaller bounce house.

You should know that bounce house is the second home for your children that’s why when you buy a bounce house go to the feature that has the largest bounce areas.

How to Use a Water Slide

Water slide has different rules than regular bounce house and you need to keep in mind when using it.

It is not like a regular bounce house that you can put in a hard and plain surface, this one you can place the water slide on grass or some other soft surface. Since the water slide is wet and slipppery, like the bounce house keep it away from sharp objects that harm the device and the children. Before using the water slide make sure that you have check all the items needed. Be guided with the height, age, and the weight of the water slide it is more important of all. Childrens below 5 years of age is usually not allowed for water slides.

Even though your child can enjoy sliding with his/her friend. Only allow one person to ride the water slide at a time. Because it is dangerous and may result in injuries to your children.

Have your kids wet before they ride a water slide. It is prone to allergies/irritation to your kids skin if the water slide is not properly lubricated.

When Your Bounce House Arrives

Searching for the right bounce house can take a long time, depending on what the size and style, who the primary user will be, and how often you plan on using it. However, once you find the right one at a price that you can safely afford, it will have been worth the extra time you spent looking and comparing the many, many options. As you wait for your bounce house to show up, there are several ways that you can prepare for setting it up and using it right out of the box. It never hurts to be prepared and knowledgeable about a desired product.

Typically, your bounce house will take anywhere from 1-5 business days to reach your location. The exact time is entirely dependent on how far away you live from the shipping location of the bounce house company. If you live in the same or bordering state as the shipping company, it will take approximately 1 to 2 days to arrive at your door. Inversely, if you place an order from a company located on the opposite coast, it will take, on average, five days to arrive. Regardless of the company you choose, your package will be tracked through the mailing system so you will always have an idea where your package is. As you wait, consider measuring out the plot of your yard both while you search for the bounce house and as the order is in transit. You may have an ideal area picked out already, but it never hurts to have an alternate location in the event of a storm or pre-planned event taking up that space.

When the inflatable device arrives at your house, you will have to sign for the package. The box that the device ships in will be too large to fit in your mailbox, but small enough to be easily carried by the mailman or shipping company. Open the box as soon as you wish. Inside, you should find the bounce house itself, along with a handful of accessories. These additional products vary from type to type, but all of them typically include a custom blower to power and inflate the device, as well as an over-sized storage bag to keep all the bounce house pieces in once the day is done.

There is no need to “break in” your bounce house. The fabric that makes up your bounce house, either polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or woven oxford cloth, is strong and durable enough to be used immediately without any risk of operational damage. However, since it has been folded up in its storage container in mail transit for multiple days, it may be slightly stiff as you unpack it and lay it out flat on the set-up grounds. As a result, the first time you set up and inflate your bounce house will take slightly longer than average to fully blow up. After the first set-up, the bounce house will become accustomed to the process and will inflate at a faster rate.

Renting a bounce house can be a great source of entertainment for a large amount of people present at one event. Renting can possibly save you money if you’re only planning on using the inflatable device, or devices, for one day. However, just because you’ve rented a bounce house doesn’t mean that it is impervious to damage. All standard bounce house rules must be followed when using your rented bounce house, regardless of the size or the quantity of inflatable devices. If something happens to damage the bounce, there are several steps you, as a bounce house rental customer, should take to handle the situation calmly and quickly.

1. Assess the damage. Check to see how many holes, rips, or tears have been formed, if any at all. If you cannot find a tear in the fabric, there may be a problem with your bounce house blower. The generator of the device may have accidentally shorted out. Don’t forget to check the circuit breaker of your set-up location to see if a power malfunction could have sabotaged the outlet source. Your bounce house was likely sent along with a bounce house rental crew, trained and hired to operate the bounce houses at your gathering. They can assist you in the search for the defects in the inflatable device and can assess the severity of the accident.

2. Contact the bounce house supplier. The rental crew has been informed and trained to do the same when any sort of accident or malfunction occurs. However, if you additionally contact the company that you rented the bounce, this will show an additional sense of responsibility to the company you’ve rented from. Your crew at the site will confirm your situation, and what the extent of the damage is.

3. Attempt a repair with rental crew supervision. Your bounce house crew will have significant experience with repairing defective bounce houses over the years. To fix a tear in the fabric, they will likely use a Tear-Aid Patch over the tearing. For blower repair, they will likely have to replace the blower outright. If they require your help, they will ask for it, but do not attempt to interfere without their consent or approval. If the crew cannot immediately repair the damage, take their word for it and contact the supplier.

One of the most critical steps you should take when searching for a bounce house company to rent from is to make sure that the company is insured against damage. With insurance coverage, bounce house companies may be able to pay for the repair of the bouncer. Depending if the situation was an accident or the result of nature, you may incur limited fees or perhaps no additional fees at all as a result. However, if the company is fraudulent, or perhaps new to the scene (and lacking experience), and does not have insurance, you could end up having to pay for the repair and the full purchase of the bounce house, regardless of the situation. This step is critical to your initial search. Although, it should be known that the best bounce house companies will tell you upfront whether or not they are insured, sometimes without even being asked.

Hats, Jewelry, And Other Accessories

Bounce houses allow for people of all ages and sizes to jump and leap around in their bouncing area, but not all objects or devices. There are a wide variety of objects or clothing that could potentially harm a bounce house if brought inside the main bouncing area, such as shoes or any toy with a sharp edge. However, there are still some objects that people may want to bring into bounce houses, but aren’t sure if they could cause the bounce houses harm. The most common “questionable” accessories include hats and jewelry. As a result, clarification is required.

Hats can be stylish, comfortable, or silly, depending on the style of hat and the time and place you wear it in. A common question posed to bounce house companies and web sites is: is it safe to wear hats inside of a bounce house? Unfortunately, there is no one answer. It all depends on the style of hat you wear. Common hats such as baseball caps should be fine, and pose no serious problem. However, make sure that there are no metal objects attached to, or a physical part of, your hat when you enter the device. Not only can they come into contact with the walls or floor when bouncing around the area, but they can also potentially fall off your head due to the constant movement you’re doing inside the device. Either way, it puts the safety of your bounce house at risk. Clear your hat of any pins or other accessories before entering the bounce house. Do anything you can to avoid bringing metal objects inside a bounce house area, and you should be fine. Honestly, your hat stands a far greater risk of being knocked off your head when bouncing than it does puncturing the walls or floor of your bounce house.

Other accessories that people may want to bring inside of the bounce house include jewelry or other such accessories, like bracelets, armbands, or piercings. These all contain some kind of hard or sharp edge, and as a result, pose a serious threat to the safety of your bounce house. Don’t wear these inside the bouncing area. The problem is, these are far harder to keep out of a bounce house than any other piece. Sometimes, people don’t pay these objects a second thought while wearing them. They may end up forgetting that they even have them in their possession. They could end up falling off your body while bouncing; you could even end up losing a ring or earring inside of the bouncing zone, in one of the folds of the fabric. Remember to inspect all areas you normally wear jewelry upon before entering. It doesn’t hurt to have a friend look you over to double check for jewelry before giving you the go-ahead.

Record Your Bounce House Day

Using your bounce house will make any party, celebration, or event far more memorable, and can draw in a remarkable amount of people ready to have fun. However, before you know it, the day will be over, and you’ll need to take down your bounce house when the moon rises. The party may go by so fast, you may hardly remember any of it. However, there is a way to save the memories of your party (and the bouncing) in tact. By recording or videotaping the big events at your bounce house party, you can keep the memories alive for your guests to remember for a long time.

Using a video camera to record the bouncing is a great way to preserve and relive any cool moment from a certain bounce house party, celebration, or simple bouncing session. There is no risk involved when recording your party or bounce house; just turn on your camera and let it record the events of the day. Your guests can put on a show, if they really want to. The one step that is not recommended is actually taking the camera inside the bounce house with you.  When a potentially fragile device like that is taken inside of the main bouncing area, you’re just asking for trouble. The constant bouncing and jumping around can cause you to drop the camera or recording device, and you may end up needing to replace or fix it. Stick to recording from the outside of your bounce house. That way, you can get better shots of the action, as well as being able to document other events and games at the party site.

One of the saddest things about a party is knowing that someone couldn’t make it. Whether it’s a close friend or a beloved family member, knowing that a cherished person is absent could end up putting a damper on the party, or even weaken the memories of it. However, as long as you have that video camera, it’s like there’s no trouble at all. By recording the big events at your party, you can not only keep them vivid in your mind and memory, but also share those memories with other people that sadly could not make it to your celebration. Later on, when you show the recordings of the party to the friend or family member, it’s like they were there the whole time. They’re able to share in the festivities, even though they were absent. After all, one of the main purposes of a bounce house is to provide as much happiness for as many people as possible.