double water slideWith summer approaching faster and faster, an inflatable water slide or water park becomes more and more ideal for your children to have fun outside when the weather gets warmer. Their own personal water park in the backyard will be a constant source of entertainment all summer long. In addition to general playtime and recreation, inflatable water slides/parks can be a great source of physical activity as well. One way for a kid to achieve both thrilling and competitive fun is by racing down a water slide!

One feature present in numerous water slides is the ability to race down the slides with a friend simultaneously. This is achieved through inflatable water devices designed and constructed with two slides parallel to each other. Slides like the Kidwise Double Water Slide can typically support 2 children at a time, with a maximum combined weight of 200 pounds. For younger children just being introduced to slides and water, inflatable water parks like the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Park features two water slides next to each other. Any child can enjoy a race or a fun slide with a friend on an inflatable water slide: it doesn’t matter if they’re just being introduced to slides, or are water slide “seasoned professionals”.

Inflatable water slides with this level of intricate design and planning are constructed from high-quality vinyl fabric, sewn multiple times for maximum strength. Each inflatable water slide/racer comes with its own blower for inflation. The water slides should then be hooked up to a hose: this will allow water to flow throughout the inflatable frame, from an overhead sprinkler shower located all the way up in the top of the structure, down the slope of the slide, all flowing into a shallow pool of water at the bottom. It’s all but impossible to not get wet sliding down these inflatable water slides, but when you’re racing your best friends to the pool finish line, you won’t care in the slightest. Children love friendly competition, and using a water slide to hold a series of fun races can entertain children of all ages while keeping them physically active this summer.