Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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The Prices Of Bounce Houses & Their Accessories

By Richard Allen

Bounce houses are sold in a variety of sizes and shapes, and each one has a unique price. To shop our site for a bounce house or similar inflatable device by the cost, there exists a directory that sorts company products by price. The following is a helpful guide that details what you can get for each price amount.

Products that are sold for under $100 include bounce house ball pit balls, inflatable air pumps, bounce house sand bags, and tear-aid repair kits. Typically, items sold at these prices are easily replaceable items that enhance or repair the separate bounce house. There are no bounce houses currently made and produced that cost less than $100 dollars. Here is the directory of bounce house products.

Products that cost $100-$300 include small, residential bounce houses, such as the Little Bopper Bounce House or the Rip Tide Inflatable Water Park, among others. The bounce houses sold in this price range are aimed at younger children. Also in this price range are larger sets of bounce house ball pit balls, in groupings of around 500-600. The full $100-300 directory can be found here.

Products that cost $300-$400 are ordinarily basic bouncy houses and water slides. It is rare that a combo design house or obstacle course will be in this price range. Bounce houses in this range essentially have a cube shape with a specific theme and a modest size. There are several examples of bounce houses in this price range, such as the All Sports Center Bounce House or the Superstar Bounce House. Also to be found in this price range are simple water slides designed for younger children, like the Blast Zone Great White Shark Wild Ride.

Products that cost $400-600 are typically mid-size bouncy houses, water slides, and small basic combo bouncers. Such products found in this range are either larger residential bounce houses or smaller commercial bounce houses, large enough to fit a handful of young jumpers, but not large enough to handle a crowd or entire party. The water slides and combo bouncers found in this price range also fit a similar description: not for the big kids, but perfect for grade schoolers. Examples of products in this price range are the Jump-A-Lot Double Slide Bounce House and the Big Blue Lagoon Waterpark. The full list of products at that cost $400-600 can be found here.

The rest of the available products, all of which cost greater than $600, are the highest-quality bounce houses, with sizes that are, at a minimum, 13 ft x 13 ft. Bounce houses in this price range are almost all commercial-type, and can hold many more jumpers than a lower-priced bounce house. Also indicative of a high-end bounce house is the design level: a pricier bounce house is all but guaranteed to have a grand design and intricate shape that clearly shows a present theme, due to the materials used to create it. An example of such a bounce house is the 13 ft x 13 ft Inflatable Carousel Jumper. In the same vein, products also available in the upper price range are elaborate water slide designs, made more glamorous for many of the same reasons: a great example of a water slide is the Inflatable 36’ Light Blue Wave Slip N’ Slide w/ Splash. A product line that is always at least $600 is the obstacle course. Inflatable obstacle courses are made from the toughest materials and are crafted to hold hundreds of pounds for constant usage. Products like the 44’ Tropical Jungle Inflatable Obstacle Course follow a theme, and are very detailed, but an obstacle course doesn’t necessarily need a theme, as their massive size can entertain numerous users by itself. A full list of products priced over $600 can be found here.
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