Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Bounce House Manufacturers

By Richard Allen

There are several different bounce house manufacturers that work every day to create, design, ship, and provide bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, and various other combinations of inflatable structures for the public. The companies are located across the USA, and all have a positive reputation of creating the best bounce houses one could possibly buy.

Blast Zone is one of the most popular manufacturers of bounce houses in the world today. They are the makers and manufacturers of the Little Bopper Bounce House, the Pirates Bay Inflatable Water Park, and the Superstar Commercial 15-Foot Moonwalk among others. These designs are among the most popular designs among all bounce houses in the country. Blast Zone is based out of Benicia, California.

KidWise is an expansive company based out of Alpharetta, Georgia, that sells a great variety of outdoor products and toys. They sell bounce houses in great capacity, but are also sellers of trampolines, swing sets, playgrounds, and above-ground pools. Kidwise is a respected authority on any outdoor entertainment device, bounce houses being a specialty.

Waliki Toys is a toy company based out of Miami, Florida. The primary product that they sell is inflatable jumping balls, but they also sell varieties of bounce houses, inflatable water slides, and hopping animals (which are jumping balls with animal designs); they

Ninja Jump is an inflatable device company based out of Los Angeles, California, that sells and manufactures every major variety of bounce house and inflatable structure currently available. The most notable quality of Ninja Jump, besides their quite large selection of jump houses, is the fact that they are the only bounce house company that has the license to make bouncy structures based on Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros. properties! The copyrighted designs can either make up the walls of the house or inflate along with the rest of the structure, taking the form of a blow-up character or prop.

Magic Jump Inflatables is an expansive company based out of Burbank, California, that primarily sells bounce houses. However, they also sell a wide variety of almost every other inflatable device, like water slides, obstacle courses, and combo units. In addition to these staples of the inflatable industry, they also sell unique items such as the. Another product they sell, as a result of their large status in the industry, is custom-designed bounce houses. The company takes direct input from clients to design and build their own personal bounce house based on personal choices and desires. These custom houses have been used for standard party usage, but can also be commissioned for feature films or other such grand projects!

You can see all the products available from these companies on the bounce house catalog.
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