Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Bounce House Rental Company Employees

By Richard Allen

Purchasing a bounce house for yourself or your family can be a big decision. It should be known that you have the option to rent a bounce house before definitely purchasing one, an option that is very affordable and worthwhile. Bounce house rental companies are set up around the world, mainly in all 50 states, to provide you, your family, your friends, and your guests with a memorable, bouncy experience.

There are several different jobs required for every bounce house rental company to professionally perform each rental, delivery and set-up. Every professional, responsible bounce house rental company should have at least one employee in each of the following jobs.

1. Sales Representative. The sales representative’s job is to book events and festivals where a bounce house would be required. You will speak to a sales rep to schedule a rental and/or delivery. They respond to all phone calls and will answer any question you have about the rental process. In addition, they will personally contact you after the bounce house event has been completed to confirm the day went smoothly.
2. Delivery & Setup Crew. The delivery crew delivers your rented bounce house to the event grounds, sets up the bounce house, stays for the duration of the party or get-together to maintain the bounce house and fix any problems that may occur, and then takes down/disassembles the bounce house at the end of the day.
3. Event Manager. The event manager is typically in charge of the delivery crew (in some cases, they may even be the owner of the rental company). They are all friendly and knowledgeable people who know exactly how to set-up, wash and clean, take apart, repair, or attend to any other problems related to bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, or any combination thereof. Get to know them, as they will stay for the entire event and will help you keep your bounce houses bouncing.
4. Inflatable Attendant. The inflatable attendants are another member of the delivery crew. They are responsible for informing you and all bouncers about the rules and guidelines of using the bounce house. They are responsible for the safety of all who jump around or play near your rented bouncy house, in addition to keeping the safety of the bounce house itself. Listen to what they say, as their advice may prevent damaging the bounce house or other such accidents.

You will likely come into contact with each group of bounce house rental employees should you decide to rent a bouncy house, water slide or other inflatable device. As previously mentioned, there is at least one bounce house rental company present in every state in the USA, so renting a bounce house of any size, shape, or brand is an easy task, and one that will more than satisfy your bouncy house needs. More information can be found at the rental page.
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