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Bounce House Rental

By Richard Allen

The bounce house is one of the best purchases you may ever make if youíre looking for outdoor fun and excitement for all ages. However, it can be a big decision, and there are many factors to consider before buying your very own bounce house. Are you going to need a residential bounce house or a commercial bounce house? How often are you going to use your bounce house? What location would be best to inflate the bounce house: where would it get the most use? The list of questions goes on and on. Fortunately, there exists the option to rent a bounce house before purchase so that you, the buyer and user, may test the numerous products to discover which is the right bounce house for you!

Bounce house rental is an easy, affordable way to try a bounce house to see if it would make a worthwhile addition to a household or event. Almost all bounce houses on the market offer the choice of renting in addition to buying from a web site or catalog: itís merely a matter of asking for the option upfront. Inflatable rental companies are available in all 50 states and offer quick delivery of your rental bounce house. When you are finished using your rental bounce house, simply deflate and repackage the bounce house and send it back to the rental company.

Before speaking to the rental company, however, there are some things a renter may consider before going through with their decision. First, do some background research on the company you wish to rent from. All bounce house rental companies must be insured before they can do business with the public. An insurance-free company will only lead to future trouble. Another thing to consider is the possibility of a delivery service and crew. Some companies will deliver the bounce house you have rented right to you, and will come out, set up the bounce house, stay for the duration of the party or event in case there are technical difficulties, and pack up the bounce house upon completion (all for an extra fee). Other companies do not offer these services, or may only offer select bonus services. If you feel you have the manpower and knowledge necessary to set up your rental bounce house, you donít have to take extra service from the rental company, but regardless, it is something to consider before a transaction. Also, find out what the deposit is on a bounce house; rental companies in busy, highly populated areas operate on a first-come, first-served basis for their merchandise, and as such require a deposit on the bounce houses they offer. You may or may not need a deposit for your rental, but it is important to confirm this information beforehand. This will all help you in your decision making process.

If youíre not sure about becoming the permanent owner of a bounce house or other inflatable structure, bounce house rental companies are your answer. They may require some effort or information on your part, but you will not be disappointed, no matter what decision you end up making.
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