Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Bounce House Safety Guide

safety guide for Inflatable Bounce House

Bounce Houses are usually safe, however, accidents do occur, mostly due to improper use or an ignorance. Before you bounce, follow these tips and guidelines to make sure that your children will be safe and secure.

Bounce House Safety Guidelines

  1. Adult supervision at all times.
  2. Clear the area of debris, such as sharp objects like sticks, rocks, and metal.
  3. Bad weather can disrupt bounce houses so it is important to know when not to use your bounce houses. On rainy or windy days, you should not bring out your bounce house outdoor as it may be dangerous and your bounce house may get damaged.
  4. No shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses, and sharp objects should be permitted inside the bounce house. These sharp objects may scratch or puncture your bounce house while eyeglasses may easily fall off and break inside the bounce house. Shoes also may make your bounce house messy as dirts and muds may fall off inside the bounce house.
  5. Food and drink should also not enter the bounce house as it could dirty up your bounce house and it is dangerous to allow children to eat while bouncing around.
  6. Children should be split according to their age and size. Rotate them in shifts.
  7. Make sure that the area in which you set your bounce house on is flat. The bounce house should not be on a slope or bumpy ground. Flat and grassy land is the best surface for your bounce house.
  8. The maximum number of children inside the bounce house should not exceed recommended limit. Follow the limit on how many children should be allowed inside the bounce house according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  9. No flips, wrestling, somersaults or rough housing inside the bounce house.
  10. Make sure that a damaged bounce house is not in use. If your bounce house is damaged, you can repair them easily.
  11. Keep all pets away from the bounce house. Pets may damage your bounce house and/or children inside the bounce house.

When bounce houses are misused, they may provide some serious problems. Bounce Houses are safe and fun when used correctly. Accidents may happen in a bounce house, but by following these safety guidelines, they are greatly diminished and your child will be having fun out of harm's way.

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