Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Bounce House with Water Slide

Some bounce houses also come with water slides and vice versa. These types of products are the best because they are like buying two products for the price of one. If your child gets bored with one of the products then the other one will satisfy him. Sometimes it is fun to switch it up while playing. For instance, you and your family could play with the bounce house part, then on the next day you can play with the water slides or you can just play with them both!

At, we offer many of these products that are both bounce houses and water slides. These magnificent hybrids of entertainment bring a wet and bouncy fun to you and your family. Your kids will be begging to play with their new toy day and night and you will finally have some peace and quiet with the kids entertained.

Bounce House with Water Slide

This product in itself will provide fun for a whole birthday party. You won't have to spend money on other forms of entertainment when you have your very own bounce house/water slide. Kids will be lined up to play with your new product and will not be bored with your fantastic bounce house with water slides.

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