Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Buy, don't Rent a Bounce House

Bounce House parties are always a treat for the kids and will leave happy lasting memories. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to throw a successful bounce house party for your children. Some people may feel stressed out with the idea of preparing a bounce house party and just end up renting one from a bounce house rental company. However, it is a waste of money to rent a bounce house for one-time use when you can buy one and use it over and over again. Why spend over $150 per hour for renting a bounce house, when you can buy a decent one for under $400? If you use the bounce house for more than 3 hours in a party, it will pay for itself.

affordable and high quality bounce houses

At, we offer durable, affordable and high quality bounce houses that are made from heavy duty PVC. The ones that are available in local store may be made from nylon, not vinyl which can be easily torn or ripped. You don't want your kids to be in a bounce house when it deflates, do you?

The bounce houses are easy to roll up into a size of a sleeping bag for easy access and storage. Renting a bounce house is difficult as you don't know which company you should rent your bounce house from, and how clean they will be. You want a nice and clean bounce house, but how do you know if the bounce house you're renting is not beaten up and cleaned to your liking?

The best solution is to buy YOUR OWN bounce house that is brand-spanking new! You can depend upon it and not be worried that your kid might get the germs and other nasty things that have accumulated from the rented bounce houses over the years.

Fun Inflatable bounce house

Create your own party that your children will never forget. With our FREE SHIPPING and great bounce houses, you will have your very own perfect party!

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