Combo Bouncers

By Richard Allen

Those who are enticed by the offer of an inflatable, portable water slide, but are also considering purchasing a bounce house for use by the many people at your gathering, are in luck. There exists an incredible playtime revolution that will turn your backyard into the ultimate adventure: the combo bouncer!

Bouncer House & Slide combinations, also known as “obstacle combos” or “bouncer slide combos”, are built with strong fabric and industrial-strength thread that will accommodate both young swimmers and young jumpers, both in the same contraption. Manufacturing the combo bouncer is a rather simple process: it’s really only a matter of weaving a bounce house together, weaving an inflatable slide, and then sewing the two together. Only the highest and strongest quality of thread and bounce house vinyl is used to construct each combo bouncer. Because of their complex, creative designs, the combo bouncers can typically hold more users than either a bounce house or inflatable slide by themselves.

Each design of a combo bouncer is different. Some have the slide sticking out of the bounce house entrance, some have the slide sticking on the side of the bounce house’s walls, and still others have additional slides inside of the bounce house’s walls. Other variations of the combo bouncer design include the bounce house/water slide combo. In these designs, the water slide, or, in some cases, two slides on either side of the bounce house, surrounds the bounce house: most of the time, the entrance into the bounce house doubles as the pool at the bottom of the water slide(s).

Possibilities and combinations for fun are endless with a combo bouncer. If you want your children to get the most out of their outdoor playtime, you should consider purchasing a combo bouncer today!
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