Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Commercial Obstacle Courses

By Richard Allen

Sometimes, a simple bounce house or water slide is not enough to fully satisfy a party’s excitement or imagination. To help those in need of a bigger framework of entertainment, there exists an inflatable invention that should solve your problems: the inflatable obstacle course!

An inflatable obstacle course is made of the same materials as a bounce house, only constructed on a much grander scale. A typical inflatable bounce house may be double-stitched with vinyl and strong string, but an inflatable obstacle course is commonly triple-stitched, if not quadruple-stitched with the strongest material available in the business, for good reason. While residential and commercial bounce houses are typically built and stitched to be around 20 feet long (on average), an obstacle course can be constructed anywhere from 30 to 81 feet long! The repeated stitching leads to a strong foundation necessary to accommodate a large number of people climbing on top of and through each inflatable obstacle course.

Another major difference between an inflatable obstacle course and a bounce house is their intended use. The obstacle course is a long and thin inflatable device, whereas the bounce house is almost always a rectangular shape made to contain people bouncing around inside of it. Each obstacle course requires the user to leap over inflatable hurdles, climb ramps, and crawl under structures in order to get to the finish. Often, each obstacle course will be built with two identical pathways on each side of the structure to allow for races and competition. The obstacle course can be built with netting running across the top of the structure, acting as a makeshift ceiling, or can be built “open air”, with nothing above the racers using the course. Each obstacle course is different, and depending on its participants, can be used for free-for-all playtime, or for friendly competition.

No matter the location, model, or brand, a commercial, inflatable obstacle course will be more expensive than an inflatable bounce house or water slide, primarily due to the amount of fabric it takes to put together every product. Despite this, it is more than a worthwhile gift that will bring excitement and great memories to every large party and event you will ever plan.
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