Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Compact Sized Bounce House

Bad weather such as snow, wind, or heavy rain discourages your kids to go outside. Don't let your kids stop playing and running because playtime is indeed an important part of their well-being. Buying a compact bounce house is one way for your kids to have fun year-round. You can set up the bounce house indoors or outdoors so don't let bad weather discourage you and your children.

One thing a bounce house will save is your furniture. You can finally get your kids off your couches and beds. With a compact bounce house, you won't have to worry about weather and storage. These compact bounce houses can easily be set up and taken down and stored in a form of a sleeping bag! A compact bounce house is easily set up and taken down so it is perfect for guests coming over and you can store it away later.

compact size indoor and outdoor Bounce HouseCompact Sized Bounce House

At we provide you with these compact bounce houses so that bad weather will not derail the playtime and joy your children surely deserve. We also provide FREE SHIPPING with our bounce houses. Don't fear weather or worry that your home is too small for a bounce house. It doesn't matter if you don't have a big yard or a yard at all. A compact bounce house can be set up indoors and can fit in many tight spaces, but make sure that you still have plenty of room.

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