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Designing Effective Marketing Flyers

Twin Peak Industries Newsletter
September 21, 2010 Volume 9

Hand-outs or flyers are a great and economical way to market your inflatable business. You can travel door-to-door with the flyers, attach them to cars or simply drop them off at high traffic locations in your geographic location, such as the library and local toy stores. Just one new customer and this marketing medium has more than paid for itself.

A professional designed flyer can really make the difference in the number of leads, and ultimately customers generated. While color is a bit more expensive to print and reproduce, the quality is significantly higher when your flyer is in color. Similarly, a higher quality paper stock or glossy material will make your flyer stand out even more, presenting a professional image. Of course you do not need to spend this extra money to create a professional, quality flyer that will attract attention and generate inflatable business.

Create an eye-catching headline. Consider who your target audience is and create a headline that will grab their attention and keep them reading.

Focus on the benefits of your inflatable service. You should address your target audiences' question "What is in it for me?" Also address the benefits of inflatables, and why your business' services are superior to other inflatable businesses in the area.

Beware of getting too fancy or creative with fonts. It is best to limit yourself to two fonts. Excessive fonts and the flyer will be too busy for the reader.

Include testimonials. You may be able to include a testimonial sidebar in the design of your newsletter, or a "bubble" section with these testimonials.

The flyer should be eye-catching with boxes, borders and shading. Be careful not to make this design excessive or too busy, but incorporate white space as well to make these other items stand out.

Include you company's logo to establish an even more polished, professional appearance.

Make sure that you include a "call to action" at the bottom of the brochure. This should be either a phone number to call, website, email or all of the above. You may also want to include a coupon or special in the flyer.

Utilize the software available. Whether you are a graphics expert using a professional program or a novice, most programs (including Microsoft Word) have flyer templates available to get you started.

Proofread, proofread, proofread! Typos will make you look unprofessional and recipients may question the credibility of your business.

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