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Great White Shark Wild Slide

By Richard Allen

Look out: a giant shark has turned up in your backyard! Not to worry: it’s just the Great White Shark Wild Slide, a fantastic inflatable slide ready to provide thrills and enjoyment to your children this summer.

The Great White Shark Wild Slide, also known as the Great White, for short, is a great inflatable slide, easy to use and easy to set up, yet hard to stay away from! Children climb up the back of the shark’s body, up a built-in ladder system, and then drop down a 5’ low-angled slide out of the shark’s mouth, landing safely in a pool of water at the bottom of the slide. Set-up of the Great White is a breeze, taking no more than two minutes per set-up and takedown. The Great White is hard to stay away from; a kid and their friends could easily spend an entire day racing down the slide, over and over again; the slide is quite addictive and exhilarating!

It is similar to the Shark Park Ultra Play Park Inflatable, an aquatic-themed combo bouncer, as both contain large sharks as part of the water slide design; you climb up the shark and then slide down its tongue, out of its mouth. The most major difference between the two is that the Great White is only a slide, whereas the Shark Park has a slide, wading pool, and bounce house all in one. There is nothing wrong with either choice, but the wading pool in the Shark Park implies that it is designed to be used with younger children.

A highly notable feature of the Great White is its durability and its ability to be used in every season of the year. Most inflatable water slides are only good for use in the summer, late spring, and early autumn, as the water would freeze in the wintertime and early spring. However, the Great White Slide does not specifically need water to run and function. It can still inflate with just air, and due to the way it is woven and constructed, it can handle winter temperatures without buckling and falling apart. This alone makes the Great White a worthy purchase (although, like every other inflatable device, you should never use it during a rainstorm, blizzard, or hailstorm; it can handle extreme temperatures, not inclement weather conditions). View more details and information about the Great White Shark Wild Slide at its main page.
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