Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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How Does a Water Slide Work?

On some water slides, you have to climb steps to get to the top of it. This is to allow gravity to accelerate you to the bottom. On a normal slide, friction plays a big part for how fast you can go. Your body, clothes, and shoes all rub against the slide, creating friction which slows you down. A water slide, however, can greatly reduce that problem. The water reduces the friction and increases your speed. The force of the water alongside the slide also allows your speed to greatly increase.

Inflatable water slides are usually made out of a tough plastic material which is easily lubricated by water. This allows your body to move faster through a water slide by decreasing the friction.

A water slide relies on height for gravity or water-powered forces to propel you either down or along the water slide. For inflatable water slides, jet streams of water push you through the water slide and are almost danger free. Unlike regular water slides that plunges you into a deep body of water, inflatable water slides usually keeps you on the same path of water until it reaches its end.

Plan a perfect summer party  with an inflatable water slide

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