Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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How to Choose the Right Bounce House: Maximize the FUN!

Turing your backyard into an amusement park has never been so easy. By having a right Bounce House in your backyard, your children can instantly experience a carnival, gym, amusement park right there in the safety of your own home!

Choose the Right Bounce House: Maximize the FUN!

There are a few things to consider, when choosing a type of Bounce House for your backyard, to maximize the level of fun and safety.


Your children's age is a very important factor in choosing the right type of Bounce House. Usually, children that are too far apart in age should not be using a Bounce House at same time. Due to the nature of the unit (a lot of jumping and bouncing), younger children can be injured by bigger and more active older kids. Also, you need to make sure that the Bounce House is not too big and difficult to climb for the age of your child. All of our models are displayed on our website with pictures and size specifications, so you can make the appropriate decisions for the age of your child. For children who are very young (1-3 yrs), Bounce House offers smaller, indoor models as well.


All of our Bounce Houses are very affordable and reasonably priced. Typical Bounce House will cost anywhere from $200 to $600, depending upon the size and options that come with the unit. More bells and whistles that a Bounce House offer, higher the price will be. We also offer quick and easy repair aid common tears and leaks in Bounce Houses to keep your unit always working at its top shape, so that your children can enjoy bouncing for a long time to come. (see Tear-Aid Patch Kit)


It is obvious that you will need to consider the space for your Bounce House, once purchased. Some of our Water Slide can be as large as 40 FEET Long! When Choosing a Bounce House, make sure that you have enough space for the Bounce House itself, as well as areas around the unit for easy access and Safe-Fall-Area near the access of the Bounce House. (see Bounce House Safety Guide) There should not be any sharp metal or wooden objects like trees or BBQ Grill nearby to possibly puncture the Bounce House or the children can bump into.

Dry / Wet / Combo

There are a few different types of Bounce Houses that we offer. Dry-type is what we commonly refer to as the Bounce House. The Dry-type usually offer the biggest bounce area. It usually has 4 walls and 1 or 2 entrances. Bring the Carnival into your backyard!

Then there are the Wet-types. Obviously, these types of Bounce Houses involve some sort of water play. These types usually have some type of climbing part that leads to a slide that stay wet with constant flow of water. They are provided with connection to your garden hose for the water supply. Itís like a water park in your backyard! The Combo-units combine the Dry and Wet-types characteristics. They can be better described as Wet-type Bounce House with a Dry Bounce Area. Best of Both Worlds!


Most of our Bounce Houses with Slides are Wet-types that children can experience the backyard water park. But there are also dry-types that offer slides as well. When considering a Bounce House with slides, you should consider the childís age and space around the unit. Bounce House with slides bring your children into the next level of fun!

Bounce Area

The primary purpose of a Bounce House is to provide an area for the children to jump and bounce safely and freely. This is why the size and surroundings of the Bounce Area is very important. How many children will play on it, or how active my children are? These can be some of the questions that you should ask yourself, when considering the Bounce Area of your new Bounce House. Who knew jumping and Bouncing could be so much fun!

Ball Pit

Have you seen ball pits and balls in McDonalds, Chuck E Cheese, or Discovery Zone? Iím sure you have seen these pits with hundreds of balls in them, where children just go crazy over, at various restaurants and shopping malls, and even at amusement parks. Well, now you can have it too! Most of our dry-type Bounce Houses can accommodate ball pits option. All you have to do is to purchase a couple of bags of these soft, hypo-allergenic, bouncy balls, and fill the bounce area with them. Then Voila! You now have an instant Ball Pit in your backyard! Dive in, kids!

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