Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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How to Start a Bounce House Rental Business

Has the thought of starting an inflatable rental business ever occurred to you? Well if it did, you can now proceed with that idea with the help of our tips to make your business a huge success! But why start a bounce house rental business? It's easy to manage and even easier to earn lots of money from your very home!First off, this new business will require not one, but many inflatable playhouses. Although you can call yourself a business with one inflatable, think of the income only one product will provide. Also, you will need to clean each inflatable after every rental to be in the best condition for the next customer. You may need to dry and sanitize them to prevent molds and/or odors. In some cases, where you cannot condition these party favorites, you will need to ship them to a repair shop.

How to start a bounce house rental company

1. Determine your budget. You will need to purchase a license in order to offer your bounce houses and rentals for parties.

2. Insure yourself! You will need liabilty insurance. You may be required to have your rental equipment inspected once a year. Buying liability insurance will provide you with security.

3. Keep your equipment clean. Use proper disinfecting procedures to avoid lawsuits. If your equipment is clean, then you will have much more customers and the same people will continue to rent from you.

4. Think of a clever name or a catchy slogan for your bounce house business. Making your business sound witty or using a clever and memorable name will allow your business to prosper. You want a name or slogan that will stick in their minds so that if they want to rent a bounce house then they will rent it from you.

5. You may also need to hire employees to assist you with running the business. Some contributions they can make are answering the phones/answering questions, carrying the 100-400 lbs inflatables to their destination, teaching customers about safety regulations and use of equipment, or supervising the “party” to make sure everything is sure to be successful. The employees will be a great help in making your business flourish.

6. Make sure that you are familiar with your products in case anybody asks you questions that they need answered. Also make sure you know proper evacuation and safety procedure for each of your bounce houses. If anyone has questions on your products then you need to be well-informed and understanding to provide good customer service for your customers.

7. Not only do the bounce houses, or water slides make the business erupt, your own hard work and dedication is a key point of dramatically increasing your annual salary. This business will have a huge effect of your family life. This is true because in your first years, you will work extremely hard to pay off ALL of your initial costs such as:

  • the inflatables
  • bounce houses/ water slides
  • start up costs
  • advertisement

  • 8. Most companies will try to make you think that handling business is a walk in the park when in reality is just the opposite. Don’t buy in or get fooled into their mess. Read many articles and books to insure that your business will be a profitable one!

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