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Inflatable Boat Intro/Repair

By Richard Allen

There are a wide variety of inflatable devices used for entertainment purposes by a group in a public event or gathering. The most commonplace devices for land-based entertainment include bounce houses, water slides, and obstacle courses. However, there exists an entirely different type of inflatable device that will provide entertainment for those who want to swim or surf through the waters across the world: I speak of inflatable boats!

Inflatable boats refer to any device that is blown up to full capacity by air or an air generating machine, and used for recreation and entertainment on a body of water, like an ocean, lake, or pool. Websites such as or Sea Eagle have extensive catalogs full of inflatable aquatic recreational devices, ready for purchase or rental on the spot. Inflatable things like the kayak or frameless pontoon boat will aid an aquatic fanatic greatly while fishing, swimming, or sailing down their local river or across the nearby lake, while towable inflatable boats will provide great fun in the wide open ocean, attached and speeding behind another faster boat, nothing but the wide water surrounding the users as they shoot across the ocean. If you so desire, you could also use any of these inflatable devices as a raft for relaxing in a nearby pool. Possibilities for aquatic fun are limitless with an inflatable boat.

Like its land-based counterparts, inflatable boats are just as susceptible to an accidental rip or tear in its fabric. Also like the bouncy houses and structures, a rip or tear is easy to fix. The simplest way to fix your inflatable boat is by using the Tear-Aid repair kit. The Tear-Aid patch operates like a large bandage for inflatable devices. Remove the 3 x 12 patch from the kit (if it is slightly bigger than the tear, make appropriate cuts so you can save unused portions for later emergencies). Peel the film from the back of the patch and smoothly apply it over the deflated tear in the fabric. The patch should affix itself to the fabric as soon as you apply it to the fabric, and should dry instantly. After you apply your Tear-Aid patch to the device, pump air into your inflatable boat; the boat or likewise device should inflate like normal without problems. After air is added to the inflatable boat, feel free to return to riding across the ocean!

All Tear-Aid repair patches are airtight and waterproof, so you do not run the risk of water seeping into the inflatable boat and causing sinking. The patch will also never lose adhesiveness and peel off, provided you buy the correct type of patch. There are two types to choose from: Type A patches and Type B patches. Type A patch kits are used to primarily fix non-vinyl surfaces, such as canvas (and other fabrics), rubber, plastics, and fiberglass. Type B patches are used to fix surfaces made primarily of vinyl. You will likely use Type A patches to fix your inflatable boats, but it may vary depending on the brand. Consult your manual or manufacturing company to confirm the material. Have fun on your inflatable boat, and be safe on the waters!
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