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Inflatable Membership Organizations

Twin Peak Industries Newsletter
December 20, 2010 Volume 15

As with any industry, as an inflatable business owner it is important that you continuously keep up to date with news and information pertinent to the industry. One way to keep tabs on the industry is through membership organizations that cater to inflatable businesses.

There are many benefits for becoming a member of these types of inflatable industry organizations.

This will give your company a competitive edge, setting yourself apart from the competition. Membership in an inflatable organization will typically allow you to display the organization's name and logo on your web site and marketing materials, stating that you are a member. This will give your company more credibility in the industry and portray you as a professional in the inflatable business.

Periodic correspondence from the organization. Many membership organizations will send out regular newsletters (either via email or print). This correspondence will contain current industry information, including government regulations, allowing you to keep up to date on the industry in a clear and concise format.

Discounts for small business owners. Some membership organizations offer discounts for health insurance, liability insurance and other necessities for small business owners. Frequently these savings will more than subsidize the cost of your membership.

Marketing opportunities available. Many inflatable membership organizations also offer special or discounts marketing opportunities for members.

Online public listing for your company. By joining an inflatable membership organization your company may have the opportunity to be listed in their online directory. This will increase your online exposure, and even give you prospective customers who may be searching using the site.

Involvement with other inflatable owners. Many membership organizations also offer member forums where you can post questions, comments or communicate with other inflatable business owners. This allows you to learn from one another and to share and exchange your own experiences in an appropriate forum.

Training Opportunities. Some membership organizations offer special training opportunities for members, as well as certification programs for safety and installation.

The following are two of the largest and most reputable membership organizations for businesses in the inflatable industry:

Airco Inflatable Rental Company Operators:

Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization:

While inflatable membership organizations are geared to your industry, don't rule out other membership organizations as well. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for members. With active marketing, member listings and online listings, the reputation of the Chamber of Commerce will further develop your company's reputation as a reputable player in the industry.

To find your local Chamber of Commerce visit Chamberfind.

Good luck selling and remember to take advantage of the many membership benefits offered to you by these organizations.

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