Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Inflatable Water Slides

By Richard Allen

Two of the most fantastic ways to spend a summer afternoon can be to jump around in a bounce house or to go to the local swimming pool and spend all day in the water. It might interest many to know that there is a way to combine both of those activities into one giant experience that caters to all: the inflatable water slide.

An inflatable water slide is essentially portable and uses the same setup and equipment as a regular bouncy house: both have a structure mainly made of double-stitched vinyl materials, and both require a blower to pump air into its body to keep it inflated and usable. The main difference between inflatable water slides and bounce houses is a small pool of water for swimmers to land in at the bottom of the slope. Bounce houses can handle hardly any water due to potential mold and mildew build-up, but water slides are constructed and stitched using industrial-strength thread and material that prevents moisture from causing immediate damage to the water slide (this, however, does not excuse an owner of an inflatable water slide from cleaning and providing maintenance for their slide). Another difference between a water slide and a bounce house is that water slides rarely allow the user to go inside their structures. You treat the inflatable water slide like you would treat a water slide at the swimming pool: you climb up the back (or the side) of the structure and slide down once the pool below is clear of other swimmers!

The most common water slide design is a simple straight-down drop to the bottom pool, but there are other types of inflatable water slides that allow for curvy and zig-zag drops. The difference is purely aesthetic, as fun will be had by every user of your inflatable water slide all summer long!
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