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The Largest Inflatable Obstacle Course

By Richard Allen

Inflatable bounce houses can typically be built as large as 15 feet across, 15 feet wide and 15 feet tall. Anything more tends to break down and fall apart more easily, as the vinyl fabric would be stretched too far and thin to be an effective inflatable device. However, inflatable obstacle courses are more than capable of being safe from collapse, despite a daunting, long-stretching size. It’s easy to see that commercial obstacle courses are built to be longer and bigger than the average commercial bounce house, but many wonder what the limitations of an obstacle course are, size-wise.

Usually, inflatable obstacle courses can be constructed anywhere from 38 feet to 68 feet. Notable about obstacle courses is the fact that they will usually either have an enclosed roof and a unique theme, like the Tropical Paradise Obstacle Course, or an uncovered roof and no special theme, such as this open air obstacle course. All the inflatable obstacle courses mentioned are capable of supporting several children at once and will provide hours upon hours of entertainment for all. Despite this, however, none of the pictured courses are the longest…

The largest inflatable obstacle course that currently has for sale is the 81’ Giant Castle Inflatable Obstacle Course, an incredible, massive structure that is a true sight to behold! The obstacle course is built from the finest available vinyl in the business today, 18.5 oz vinyl PVC. It begins with a long, 16 foot climb up an inflatable hill. Users can pretend they’re on a mountain and hike their way up the inflatable peak or have a small competition: last one to the top’s a rotten egg! The top of the course is followed by a steep peak, sending those who make it to the top tumbling, bouncing, and laughing down the slope. At the bottom of the hill, users will then crawl under inflatable arches and through several inflatable pieces blocking the path ahead. After the crawl sections, there lies an inflatable staircase: those who climb can leap off it onto a safe trampoline pad below. You’d think that would be enough for a great adventure through one’s imagination, but not so fast! At the end of this long journey lies a bouncy castle ready and waiting for continued playtime. Kids can leap and jump about in this 13 foot x 13 foot bouncy house, or run to the beginning of the course and start all over again. The possibilities are endless in the 81’ Giant Castle Inflatable Obstacle Course, truly the largest and most memorable inflatable obstacle course.
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