Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Operating A Bounce House Blower

By Richard Allen

While bounce houses (or “bouncy houses”) can be lots of fun for all, they would be nothing but vinyl sheets without the bounce house blower. A blower, which comes packaged with all bounce houses available for sale, provides the bounce house with air, keeping it inflated and providing it with purpose. The following is a guide to how to operate and maintain the blower so that it can last as long as your bounce house, and keep the fun going for as long as necessary.

Each bounce house you can buy or rent comes with one blower that constantly pumps air or helium into the structure, keeping it from deflating. Because of a bounce house’s structure, the blower must always be running as long as the bounce house is in use: the bounce house does not permanently retain any air. There are no extra batteries or devices required to activate the blower; simply plug the blower into an outlet, place the bouncy house’s air inlet over the mouth of the blower, and turn the switch that activates the motor on. Air will be generated from the blower into the bouncy house at a rapid rate.

As the bounce house blower runs on electricity, under no circumstances should the blower be operated near sources of water or during rainfall. Rain can lead to electric shocks when operating the blower, not to mention weakening the structure of the bouncy house itself. If you are using the blower to inflate a water slide bounce house, make sure to keep the blower far away from the hose or other water source you are using for the water slide. There are no other exceptions to the “no water” rule for you bounce house blower.

There are various other steps and safety precautions you can take to keep your blower working for years to come. Due to the high rate of air generated from the blower at any given moment, do not blow air directly into your (or anyone else’s) face to avoid injury. In addition, do not place any small object into the blower’s fan, as this may cause the bounce house blower to short out and cease working. If the blower gets dirty after extended multiple uses, it may become necessary to clean it. Unplug the device and rub the surface of the blower down with a dry cloth. Any water used in the cleaning process should be minimal, if any at all, to avoid electric shock. Finally, when you are finished using your bounce house, unplug the blower and store it in a location out of the reach of children (also be sure to steer children away from the blower during usage as well). All these suggestions will help to preserve your blower and bounce house for a very long time indeed!
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