Pirate’s Bay

By Richard Allen

Another fantastic combo bouncer/bounce house available today is the Pirate’s Bay Inflatable Play Park. Much like other water park/combo bouncers like the Shark Park Ultra Play Park Inflatable, Pirate’s Bay includes three major components: bounce house, water slide, and wading pool. What makes Pirate’s Bay special is the pirate theme running throughout the inflatable. Pirate flags, cannons, and masts all lend to the illusion of being on a real pirate ship, having the time of your life!

All in all, Pirate’s Bay measures to be 20’ wide and 12’ long. 5 children can safely play in Pirate’s Bay at once. The centerpiece of the water park is a 9.5’ x 8.25’ wading pool. Complimenting the pool is an 8’, with a miniature waterfall shooting water out the top of the slide, guaranteeing any user to get soaking wet should they decide to slide. Attached to the slide, and accessible from the wading pool or a secret tunnel running under the slide, is a bounce house, capable of holding two kids at once. All the material that makes up the bounce house has been stitched multiple times and is guaranteed to be waterproof, preventing any possible mold or mildew damage from the pool.

Another neat feature, unique to Pirate’s Bay, are the two water cannons located across from the slide and bounce house. Connected to the water source by two identical hoses, the cannons allow children to safely shoot water at each other. Anyone who is targeted will get completely soaking wet, without mercy!

The elaborate nature of the water park will surely allow children’s imaginations to soar while playing in the Pirate’s Bay. The “boat mast”, cannons and the pirate flags located all around the water park will have kids imagining they really are on a pirate ship, skimming the ocean, looking for treasure and adventure on every shore and island… or to merely have a fun time at their own personal backyard water park. Pirate’s Bay is an absolute treat and well worthy of a purchase consideration. More information on the Pirate’s Bay Inflatable Play Park can be found on the Pirate Bay product page.
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