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Promoting Your Inflatable Business through Your Web Site

Jungle Jump Newsletter
April 4, 2011 Volume 22

Today no matter what industry you are in business is being conducted online. From finding phone numbers to learning more about the products and services that a company offers, the first step a customer takes is generally a search of the web, as opposed to a phone call. And a glance through the yellow pages is a thing of the past. Most businesses not only have, but need a web site to compete today, including inflatable businesses. A simple, but professional web site will make your inflatable company easy for customers and prospects to find, learn about, and most importantly to contact. Your inflatable company needs to be available through the ease of online access.

A good web site for your inflatable business should include some basic information; inflatable products available and services offered, geographic area that you service, event photos showing the equipment in action and contact information. It is important to include an email address in the contact information. Many people prefer the convenience of this type of correspondence and may be put off by this missing detail.

It is also advisable that you include some information about you, as the owner, and the company on your site. Let the visitor know how long you have been in business and what your party and event background is. This will make you seem personable to the visitor, and ultimately they will want to do business with you. A picture of yourself will also go a long way in achieving this.

When writing the text for your site, don't forget to sell your company and your services. You need to toot your own horn so to speak. Include reasons why a customer should hire you for their next event and what makes you stand out from the other inflatable competition. Rotating specials and coupons are also a great way to gain new customers. Everyone likes to feel that they are getting a deal, offering a 10% off coupon, or some other monetary value can go a long way in obtaining new business.

Another valuable thing to include in your site is customer testimonials. This can be a very powerful marketing tool to someone shopping around for inflatable services. Reading customer testimonials can give them something to relate to, and demonstrate first-hand what your company has done for other customers and can do for them.

Once you have written and designed an effective web site for your inflatable business you need to get your web address in circulation through the web. There are many sites where you can list your inflatable company's web site for free. Searchers of these sites will then find your company information when searching for inflatable services.

Be sure to also include your web address in all of your printed materials, from fliers and brochures to business cards, and any advertising you incorporate. Remember the traffic you get to your web site will directly affect the amount of sales you generate.

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