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Differences between Residential and Commercial Bounce Houses

What is the differences between the commercial and residential bounce houses? They hold a few differences between them and in the information provided for you below, you will find the difference between residential and commercial bounce houses.

Residential Bounce Houses:

Residential bounce houses are designed to be used only by children. They are smaller in size compared to commercial bounce houses. The bounce house may weigh anywhere from 50 lbs to 100 lbs, and has the maximum capacity of 5 kids or less at 100 lbs each. They are easy for backyard playgrounds because you can inflate and the kids can play on it in a matter of minutes. Setting up a bounce house takes little or no effort and all of the pieces are conatined in the box. Also, bounce houses are safer than traditional jungle gyms.

residential bounce house

While residential bounce houses offered at use inflatables that are made of the highest quality materials and specs, they are not recommended for commercial type applications due to commercial regulations and the nature of use.

Commercial Bounce Houses:

Commercial bounce houses are for businesses such as rentals, churches, recreation centers, day care and more. They are designed for regular, continuous use. Commercial Bouncers are made entirely of heavy duty tarpaulin materials that hold up for longer periods of extended use. The main difference with commercial bounce houses are that they are manufactured using .45mm (or heavier) fiber-reinforced PVC, stitched with industrial threading. They are manufactured with a special fiber-reinforced stitching and industrial threading. As compared to residential bounce houses, commercial grade bounce houses can be used by more than 5 people simultaneously and by adults.

commercial bounce house

* The main differences are materials and regulations.

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