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Sand Bags For Your Bounce House

By Richard Allen

A bounce house will provide countless memories of fun and enjoyment for anyone who uses it, but a memory you donít want associated with bouncy house playtime is one involving injury. As large and seemingly indestructible as a bounce house may appear, it can be an easy victim of inclement weather (or rowdy, energetic participants). If a heavy wind storm were to come to your bounce house party, the bounce house could tip and fall over, potentially injuring those inside and causing irreparable damage to your inflatable palace. You need a failsafe to keep dangers beyond your control from messing with your bouncy house. You need sand bags.

Sand bags may not look like a vital piece of the bounce house set-up from a distance, but they are very necessary to prevent harm from coming to the party or playtime. Sand is heavy, and when placed in a double-stitched bag (like the material a bounce house is made of), they can weigh down most heavy objects and prevent them from tipping over. All of the best, most worthwhile bounce houses have several loops around the outside of their structures. These loops are for either holding stakes pounded into the ground or for tying and attaching sandbags, and can essentially withstand any turbulence caused by the weather or by the actions of users inside of the bounce house. An added bonus of sandbags for a bounce house is the ability to place a bounce house indoors as well as outdoors. When a bounce house is placed outside, spikes or stakes can be nailed to the ground to keep the bounce house from moving, but you canít use those methods inside! Sandbags can be used for outdoor or indoor bounce house use, so your bounce house event can be situated in all locations, from a soccer field to a gymnasium.
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