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Selecting a Delivery Method for Your Inflatable Business

Jungle Jump Newsletter
March 21, 2011 Volume 21

Selecting the most appropriate delivery method for your inflatable business is a critical aspect of your company, and one that may need to be re-evaluated periodically. Your business is dependent on delivering your equipment efficiently and on-time, all at an economical price to you.

If your inflatable business is a smaller scale operation, with limited products, servicing smaller events it will likely be most economical for you to deliver the inflatable equipment to events yourself.

One option for delivering the inflatable products yourself is to rent a U-Haul for each event. This method will allow you to easily size your delivery needs accordingly based on each event's requirements.

Box trucks are another rental option for you to consider. As the name implies, these are large trucks shaped like boxes that are capable of holding a large amount. Box trucks are generally rented on a day to day basis, as purchasing them can be quite expensive.

Another option for delivering the inflatables yourself is to rent or purchase a large pickup truck and trailer for towing. You can place certain items in the cab and tow the rest. When determining which method is most appropriate and economical for your business, keep in mind that a company truck with require you to carry business auto insurance as well.

Another rental option is a trailer for towing. For this method you will need to either rent or purchase a large truck with adequate horse-power to pull the trailer.

As your business grows, it may be more economical for you to invest in purchasing a business truck to transport the inflatables. If you decide to go this route make sure the vehicle that you purchase is sufficient to meet, or even exceed, you current business' needs. Purchasing a vehicle will also allow you to include your company name and information on the vehicle, increasing your marketing reach and giving you a more professional appearance.

When considering the most appropriate delivery method for your business, keep in mind your budget. Make sure the delivery method you choose fits your business needs. If you decide to purchase a vehicle you will need to have enough business to justify the expense.

As your business grows and you add more inflatable products to your inventory, you may no longer be able to deliver them yourself. It may become necessary for you to hire a freight delivery company to handle getting your inflatables from point A to point B. Freight delivery companies charge based on weight, dimensions, and distance being traveled. If you are booking larger events, where multiple inflatables are being used, this may be the best delivery method for your business.

There are a variety of national freight delivery companies that offer reliable service. It is best to get a quotation from several to find the most competitive services and pricing.

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